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Reinventing Travel: FlixBus Celebrates Five Years of Booming Business


++ Over 100 million passengers since 2013 ++ Sustainable mobility with 250,000 daily connections to 1,400 destinations in 26 countries ++ Preferred method of long-distance travel across EU for ages 18-25 ++ Green and budget travel with high-quality standards ++ FlixForward in 2018 with launch in US, added destinations in EU, product innovations  

Munich, 02/13/2018 – Five years ago, inspired by the deregulation of the German bus market, the first FlixBus hit the road with a goal of providing green and smart mobility for everyone to experience the world. Today, over 100 million people have travelled across Europe with FlixBus, disrupting the traditional view of long-distance travel and supporting the shared mobility trend.  

“From the beginning, our vision was to reinvent the established bus industry from a fresh and innovative perspective. We are happy to say that – five years later – this vision has become a reality,” said Jochen Engert, FlixBus co-founder and Managing Director. “We started with three connections in Bavaria in 2013, and today we have over 250,000 connections every day in 26 countries.” 

The success of FlixBus spans multiple demographics, with 60 percent of users being females who choose the green buses as their preferred mode of shared mobility due to the safety, comfort and price point. Thirty-three percent of FlixBus customers are between 18 and 25 years old.  

From German Startup to European Mobility Leader  

FlixBus was founded in Germany by three young entrepreneurs, Jochen Engert, Daniel Krauss and André Schwämmlein, who had the vision of developing a completely new means of travel that was a blend of tech-startup, e-commerce and traditional transportation. Based on this vision, the company was launched with a unique business model in which FlixBus manages the technology, ticketing, customer service, network planning, marketing and sales, while its local SME partners are responsible for the daily operation of buses.  

“By partnering with FlixBus, our business has grown tremendously in a very short time, beginning with one bus in 2013 to four buses running for FlixBus today,” said Harald Baumann, Director of Baumann Busbetrieb, one of the first FlixBus partners. “The technological platform of FlixBus has reinvented the way we approach our business.”  

FlixBus currently operates with 250 bus partners throughout Europe, many of which are small, family-run businesses. This cooperation has spurred job creation by adding 7,000 drivers across Europe.   

FlixForward in 2018  

FlixBus will continue to expand in 2018, both via markets and product offerings. By the end of the year, the bright green buses that are now a common sight throughout Europe will hit the roads in the United States, providing an alternative travel option to Americans. Within Europe, FlixBus will continue to add destinations and even more connectivity within its already extensive network.    

Much of the FlixBus success can be attributed to digitalization and product innovations, which will also continue to improve, including the FlixBus App, mobile ticketing, free onboard WiFi, seat reservations and real-time GPS Live Tracking. These technological advancements, along with the comfort, reliability and reasonable prices associated with the FlixBus brand, have made bus travel attractive to wider demographic.  

Above all, although FlixBus passengers have already travelled to the moon and back 22 times carbon-neutrally, they continue to support the most efficient and climate-friendly means of travel every time they board. FlixBuses are demonstrably efficient in terms of fuel consumption, emitting an extremely low level of greenhouse gases. Three-fourths of FlixBus users reach their bus stop via foot, bicycle or public transportation; customers can also choose to offset the CO2 emissions with a small addition to their ticket price.     

“For the last five years, FlixBus has been changing the way people travel in Europe,” said André Schwämmlein, FlixBus co-founder and Managing Director. “Over the next five years, we plan to offer the FlixBus green experience to more and more people, all over the world.” 

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