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FlixBus supports Global Climate Strikes

Enabling more people to hit the streets to demand climate action, FlixBus will reimburse tickets to September 20 & 27 Climate Strike events

++ Travelers attending a Climate Strike on September 20 and 27 can claim a 100% voucher for their next trip ++ FlixBus employees encouraged to leave their desks to participate in global Climate Strikes ++ With Climate Neutrality Vision 2030, FlixBus strives to make climate-friendly travel options even greener

Munich 16 September 2019 – People around the world will gather on September 20 and 27 to demand climate action from governments, companies and society at large. FlixBus backs this important movement, believing that we all have a collective responsibility to keep climate change at bay. While events are organized in most major cities, many people will have to travel to make sure their voices are heard. FlixBus wants to give thanks to people speaking out for a sustainable future, offering travelers who attend an event taking place on September 20 or 27 a 100% voucher for their next bus trip.

FlixBus employees join Climate Strikes

At FlixBus, sustainability is more than a fancy slogan or empty promise. FlixBus is green inside and out. Knowing that many colleagues are passionate about the topic, FlixBus decided to offer all employees, worldwide, the opportunity to visit their local Climate Strike during worktime.

“When we launched FlixBus six years ago, we wanted more people to experience the world, without feeling guilty about the carbon footprint of their trip,” said FlixBus founder and CEO André Schwämmlein. “What the world needs is climate-friendly travel options, not more cheap flights and half empty cars on the road. With FlixBus, FlixTrain and FlixBus Charter we are part of the sustainable travel revolution. The Global Climate Strike grew from the courageous initiative of a Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg; we want to enable both customers and colleagues to visit this important event and demand climate action.”

How the Global Climate Strike Campaign works:

  1. Book a ticket for travel on September 19/20 or 26/27 to one of the cities where a Climate Strike event takes place. Don´t forget to pay your CO2 compensation!
  2. Travel to the Climate Strike and take a selfie which shows you participating
  3. Send an email to climatestrike@flixbus.com with your selfie and a picture/screenshot/PDF of your ticket before 06.10.2019
  4. Allow FlixBus some time to process your request and send you your 100% voucher
  5. Redeem your voucher before 31.10.2019
  6. Travel between 05.11.-05.12.19

To find a Global Climate Strike event near you, visit globalclimatestrike.net. To book your ticket, visit flixbus.com or use the FlixBus app.

Climate Neutral in 2030

FlixBus is known for its green initiatives, like offering carbon offsetting for bus trips, introducing the world’s first long-distance electrical buses in 2018 and announcing plans for the first fuel cell powered long-distance buses in 2019. What many people don’t know is that the ‘conventional’ FlixBuses are also incredibly energy efficient. Because of this, in many countries they are often even more climate friendly than the average train. But for FlixBus, the status quo doesn’t suffice. Therefore, the global mobility provider has recently announced a Climate Neutrality Vision which aims for 100% CO2 neutrality. By 2030 at the latest, FlixBus plans to make all bus and train trips, as well as all business-related processes, carbon neutral.

Climate action plan:

  • Ensuring the most fuel-efficient, clean and high-tech fleet
  • Investments in climate neutral technologies, like electrical buses, fuel cell (hydrogen) technology and buses that run on biogas
  • Formulating a fair compensation model for the remaining CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable business management, green travel policy & compensation of all business-related travel

More information and data can be found in our climate factsheet.

Download Press Release (PDF)

FlixBus Climate Infographic
This FlixBus infographic compares the carbon footprint of different modes of long-distance transportation.