The best Carnivals in Italy

Masks, colours, lights and lots of confetti are what defines Italian Carnival. Transform yourself into whoever you want to be, choosing from the most outrageous Carnival costumes, and live the real spirit of the Carnevale! Parades, music and lots of parties await you in some of Italy’s biggest and most vibrant cities. Our buses will take you straight to the beautiful Carnival in Venice, or to the Ambrosian carnival in Milan. Choose your Carnival destination with FlixBus and spend some time with your friends and take part in the crazy Carnival festivities!

Discover Carnival in Venice with FlixBus


When? February 16th – March 5th 2019

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous and beautiful Carnivals in the world, but don’t take our word for it – book your bus travel and find out for yourself! Venice Carnival is famous for its Carnival masks where locals and tourists alike celebrate this event for more than two weeks. 

The one of the most important events in Venice during its Carnival is the contest for the most beautiful masks, which is held on the last weekend of the celebrations. During this contest you will have a chance to participate in a beautiful parade which takes place on a stage, where you will be competing for the title of the best masked costume owner." Venetian masks are very important in Venetian industry so you can easily buy one once your bus arrives in Venice. The costumes at the Carnival of Venice include ornate cloaks and gowns, with a vibrant array that can be seen all over the city. The events during the Carnival include parades, jousts and tournaments, and the Grand Masked Ball. Many musical and theatre performances take place at Piazza San Marco and a great procession of boats and gondolas is a must-see. During your bus trip to Venice, don’t forget to try Fritelle and Galani - typical Carnival sweets which you can only enjoy during this wonderful season.

Discover Carnival in Viareggio with FlixBus


When? February 9th 2018 – March 5th 2019

The masked parades of Viareggio start at the sound of the cannon. Then, the party begins. 

The Carnival of Viareggio is a tradition that dates back to 1873. This festivity started as a way of mocking the elected people of Viareggio who were presented as ridiculous dolls. Since then, the Carnival has transformed into an explosion of colours and partying! The residents of Viareggio have preserved the tradition of the giant mocking dolls and nowadays, during its great parade, you will be able to spot different fairy tale characters as well as politicians, both local and international. Some dolls are more than 20 metres high! It is no surprise that Viareggio is considered as one of Italy’s most popular Carnival destinations! Last year the mocking doll of Donald Trump was the main characters in Viareggio’s carnival! Our buses will take you straight to Firenze, close to this wonderful city, so make sure you don’t miss out and book your bus trip today.

Discover Carnival in Milan with FlixBus


When? March 9th, 2019

This year the capital of Italy will celebrate the Ambrosian Carnival, with celebrations that will culminate in the famous Piazza del Duomo. Plan your bus trip and visit the Ambrosian Carnival this year!

The Carnival of Milan is not as famous as the Venetian Carnival, but it is completely different from any other Carnival celebrations in Italy. Milan Carnival doesn’t end on ‘Fat Tuesday,’ but on the Saturday after. Huge parades complete with more than just floats – the procession is full of choreographed groups and music performances. Not to mention an array of concerts and other festivities throughout the city. Travel to Milan with FlixBus!

Discover Carnival in Florence with FlixBus


When? TBD

If you are planning a trip to Florence, definitely use the chance to visit this magnificent and historical city during the last week before the final day ‘Fat Tuesday’.

Florence Carnival is especially famous due to its traditional theme – diverse world cultures. During the last week of Carnival there are lots of thematic parties and fun street events going on in Florence. The Grand Parade which takes place on the last Tuesday is the main event in the city! During this day you will see series of floats, the carnival's symbola puppet dragon, lots of musicians, dancers, horse riders etc. Florence is a very ethnically diverse city, which is why lots of foreign communities are represented during Carnival. Take our bus to Florence during this amazing period of time in the city! We promise - you will never get bored there!

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