Best Music Festivals in Europe

European music festivals you have to attend

Everybody knows that Europe is home to thousands of festivals every summer. Throughout the whole continent of Europe, you'll find festivals of all kinds like unique open-air and street festivals. We've shared a few of the best european festivals for you. Learn more about the famous Sziget festival in Hungary, probably the trendiest festival of recent years, Distortion, Copenhagen’s famous street festival, Colours of Ostrava in Czech Republic, INmusic in Croatia or even Frequency in Austria. FlixBus is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel by bus to any of these festivals!

The main big festivals in Europe:

  • Distortion Festival 29/05/19 → 02/06/19
  • Colours of Ostrava 17/07/19 → 20/07/19
  • Sziget 07/08/19 → 13/08/19
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 15/08/19 → 17/08/19
  • Exit Festival 04/072019 → 07/072019
  • Guča Trumpet Festival 08/08/2019  → 11/08/2019
  • Tuš Tek Barv 21/06/2019 → 22/06/2019
  • Mostar Summer Fest 27/06/2019 → 29/06/2019

Please bear in mind that this page describes the editions 2019 of the festivals.

Sziget 2019

Want to go to a festival, but can't choose whether to go to an electronic festival, small acoustic concert, or somewhere with circus and theater? Luckily you don’t have to choose: Sziget Festival offers you all of the above and more! One of Europe’s biggest festivals is organized every August in Budapest on one of the cities big, green islands. This festival has music, numerous artistic performances and cultural programs from all over the world, totalling more than a 1,000 perfomances a year! Sziget – „The Island of Freedom”.

Tips for the Sziget festival 2019

  • Budapest is a hidden treasure in the heart of Europe, so while visiting, you'll have plenty to do beyond the festival fences as well. Take a boat on the Danube, cure your hangover at one of the famous thermal bathes, or just hang out at one of the ruin bars – the city has just as many secrets and surprises as Sziget itself!

  • You have many different options to consider: daily tickets, 5 day tickets, or a ticket for all 7 days with options to camp. The sooner you get your ticket, the better - save money on your ticket and start saving for the festival! Also, in case you're planning to visit other cities and festivals in Hungary during the summer, you can find combined tickets for several events – so many options! P.S With a daily ticket you can stay at the festival till 8 am the next morning – but don’t try to stay longer, body guards are hot on checking wristbands.
  • Sziget is a giant and international festival offering you a great number of different culinary experiences: from traditional Hungarian food to exotic tastes and dishes from around the world. Of course, the same goes for drinks. However, if you feel like grabbing something cheap without straying too far from the festival, there's a supermarket nearby – easy to find and cheap prices. The city center of Budapest has a lot of places to drink and dine too - you can find out more information about Budapest on our city page!

Sziget 2019 dates

The 2019 edition of the Sziget takes place between August 7th and 13th. The festival lasts for 7 days, but as we said before, watch out for those tickets: if you want to go to all 7 days, you should get the weekly ticket. If you only get the 5-day-ticket, you will miss the so-called Day-1 and Day 0. Of course you can also get a daily ticket and see back-to-back perfomances in just one day.

How to get to the Sziget festival by bus?

Getting to Budapest itself is very simple by bus – we will take you there directly from Vienna, for instance! In case you're staying in the city for longer, it might be a good idea to get a Budapest City Pass that allows you to commute between the center and the festival, and other parts of Budapest.

For some more information visit:

Sziget 2019 lineup

Some of the headliners of Sziget 2019 are Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Florence + The Machine, Post Malone, Twenty One Pilots. But that's only the beginning. If you want to read more about the performers, see the full lineup for Sziget 2019.

FM4 Frequency 2019

The FM4 Frequency festival is a green festival first and foremost. Every summer In the small Austrian city of St. Pölten, you'll find a music festival comparable to the biggest and best there is! To summarise this festival in numbers: it's a 3 day festival, 8 stages and 120 acts. The Frequency festival 2019 isn't just for music fans but also for food lovers! You will find a ton of food trucks, various pop up stands and countless other places to grab a bite. At the Frequency festival, you will hear mainstream music as well as various other acts featuring rock, electro, hip-hop, alternative, indie and pop.

Tips for the FM4 Frequency 2019

  • The festival’s camping place is extraordinary: It’s Green camping. Meaning, no trash, quiet and respect. You can get crazy at the stages but back at the camping area, you’ll have to respect these three commandments so everybody can have a nice Green camping experience.
  • If you feel too warm under the August sun, go and chill out in the nearby river, the Traisen. Relax on the shore and sunbathe with the nearby music of the festival resonating sweetly in your ears.
  • The Frequency festival has an App! To have all the necessary information in the blink of an eye: Line Up, latest news, games, pictures and more!

FM4 Frequency 2019 dates

The FM4 Frequency festival 2019 will take place between August 15th and 17th

How to get to the FM4 Frequency festival by bus?

The FM4 Frequency festival 2019 will take place at Green Park in St. Pölten. FlixBus is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to St. Pölten! Your bus will leave you directly at the main train station, where a frequent (excuse the pun) shuttle bus service to the festival will be in operation.

FM4 Frequency 2019 lineup

Swedish House Mafia, Macklemore, Twenty One Pilots, Sunrise Avenue, G-Eazy and many more. Get the complete lineup of FM4 Frequency 2019

Distortion festival 2019

“A week of orchestrated chaos” defines Distortion perfectly. Why chaos? Simply because every genre of music is celebrated at Distortion and the so-called “venues” can be in museums, backyards, streets or even gardens. This beautiful mixture of genre, location and people makes this festival the perfect example of orchestrated chaos. Distortion is a unique festival consisting of street parties during the day and club ventures during the night. The highlight of this week long festival takes place during the Friday and Saturday at the Distortion Ø party. If you can’t be there for the seven days, make sure to participate in at least one of these!

Tips for the Distortion festival 2019

Distortion being a street festival, isn’t taking place in just one set location, so take a close look at where the party will be.

Distortion 2019 dates

Distortion is a week long summer street festival and takes place May 29th until June 2nd. Make sure to come back again next year for all the details about next summer's festival!

How to get to the Distortion festival by bus?

Distortion takes place every year in Copenhagen to celebrate its nightlife. FlixBus connects Copenhagen to the biggest German cities, so simply book a cheap bus ticket and head to Copenhagen.

Distortion 2019 lineup

So far, the lineup of Distortion hasn’t been completely revealed. We can already tell you that Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Adana Twins, Bette, DJ Tennis, and I Hate Models will perform. The best part about Distortion street parties are you could be listening to any music by anybody! It truly is organised chaos with some of the best amateurs and established artists in the world. Learn more about the latest news for Distortion 2019.

Colours of Ostrava 2019

What makes the Colours of Ostrava a unique festival is its location. Dolní Vítkovice used to be a classic industrial site complete with deep mineshafts and spectacularly smelted ironworks. You'll be amazed by this unique venue, a great insight into the culture of the Czech Republic! This festival doesn't just offer different genres of music but also many different artistic showcases displayed via workshops, theater plays and poetry. Discover the Czech Republic by going to the Colours of Ostrava 2019!

Tips for the Colours of Ostrava festival 2019

  • Not only is the Colours of Ostrava worth going to because it's one of the best summer music festivals in Europe, but also for the unique chance to visit a factory like the Dolní Vítkovice.
  • Colours of Ostrava offers superior standards concerning accessibility for disabled persons. At Colours of Ostrava, it's possible for all visitors with physical disabilities or visual impairment to enjoy the festival to its fullest.
  • There are 2 camping places where you can stay for the duration. One of them is only 300 meters from the location of the festival! Be quick to book your spot, last year the camping was fully booked.

Colours of Ostrava 2019 dates

Colours of Ostrava will take place this year between July 17th and 20th.

How to get to the Colours of Ostrava festival?

FlixBus connects the Czech Republic to many cities in Europe! You can now travel to Ostrava with a FlixBus or by train with FlixBus' partnership with Leo express from all over Europe! Book your favorite alternative with FlixBus.

Colours of Ostrava 2019 lineup

At the colours of Ostrava, you can expect to hear a very wide range of genres: Jazz, Rock, Pop, blues, folk & electronic. Get your ticket and be sure to see on stage The Cure, Florence + The Machines, MØ, Rosalía, Rag'n'Bone Man and many more! See the entire lineup for Colors of Ostrava 2019!

Exit Festival 2019

Have you already visited Exit festival? If not – what are you waiting for?! Since its founding in 2000 the festival has hosted many acclaimed artists and bands including The Prodigy, The Cult, Guns N’ Roses among others. The festival program is diverse - everything from electronic music to hip-hop, rock, and punk! The location of the festival is at the famous Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad and this year’s headliners are the alternative rock veterans – The Cure!

EXIT festival 2019 dates
EXIT 2019 will be held from July 4th to July 7th in the Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad.

How to get to EXIT festival by bus?
Check out our buses from Budapest and Vienna to Novi Sad. If you are coming from other parts of Europe, you can take FlixBus to Belgrade and from there one of the local buses to Novi Sad. Visit our webpage for more information on how to get to Novi Sad. Once you are there, don’t miss exploring the city as well!

EXIT festival 2019 lineup
This year’s lineup includes The Cure, Carl Cox, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Greta Van Fleet, Lost Frequencies, Tom Walker and many more! Check out the EXIT festival webpage to check out the full lineup.

GUČA Trumpet Festival 2019

If you want to experience real Balkan gypsy music at a festival unique to the world, then you can’t miss the Guča Trumpet Festival. The festival traditionally begins in the region of Dragačevo with the sound of trumpets, gunshots, and fireworks. All performers of the traditional and folk bands from Serbia are dressed in their traditional clothes, dancing and singing. The festival also includes a trumpet contest where the winning band gets to wear the flattering title - trumpeters of Dragačevo. There is music and dancing from sunrise to sunset and nobody can resist the sounds of the authentic mood of the festival and the positive vibe it transmits. The festival is also a gastronomic experience where you can try true Serbian local food and drinks including boiled beans, sour cabbage, grilled meat, and of course - home-made rakija. 

GUČA festival 2019 dates
This year’s Guča festival begins on August 8th and lasts until August 11th.  There is no lineup as such, but check the festival website for the official Guča Festival 2019 program.

How to get to Guča Trumpet Festival by bus?
Hop onto one of many FlixBus buses to Belgrade and from there the town of Guča is only a three hour ride away. When you arrive at the Belgrade bus station, you can buy a direct ticket to Guča or the one with a stopover in Čačak. Tip: If you are planning to visit Guča, try to include a trip to Zlatibor and its surrounding nature.

Tušev Tek Barv festival 2019

One of the biggest Slovenian festivals, Tušev Tek Barv, is hosted in the capital city of Ljubljana. This is a great event not only for the lovers of colours, life, electronic music and of course – running, but also those who just want to have a great time and dance while enjoying the colours and melodies of the summer nights. Tušev Tek has two parts – a colour run during the day and a big party at night! This year the festival is celebrating its 5th anniversary with an amazing lineup featuring Steve Aoki, Vini Vici, Lost Frequencies and many others.

Tips for the Tušev Tek Barv 2019
    - There are many activities during the day, before and after running, so you will have plenty of things to do until the evening.
     - Ljubljana’s city centre is just a few minutes’ drive away, so you can have lunch, a drink, or walk next to the Ljubljanica river. The castle on the top of Ljubljana is also within walking distance, where you can enjoy the view over the whole city.
Tušev Tek Barv 2019 dates
The event starts on Friday, June 21st and goes until the next morning at Kardeljeva ploščad in Ljubljana. The 5th anniversary run starts at 2pm, and the second part of the event starts at 7pm.

How to get to Tušev Tek Barv by bus?
If you are coming from neighbouring countries, we recommend taking the bus to Ljubljana. From the city centre, you can reach the location of the festival within a few minutes. Depending which part of Ljubljana you are staying in, you can reach Kardeljeva ploščad with local bus lines 6, 8, 11, 30 and 20. 

Tušev Tek Barv 2019 Line Up
TTB19 will bring top artists from around the world: Steve Aoki, Vini Vici, Lost Frequencies, MATTN, Martin Jensen, Kosta Radman, Tim Urbanya and Mobo. 

Mostar summer festival 2019

For all those who want to experience summer in Mostar, have great fun, and enjoy an amazing party, Mostar Summer Festival is the place to be! The festival hosts the biggest artists from the region, with diverse performances across genres: rock, hip-hop, trap, reggae, punk, electronic music, and others. There is also a chill out zone with lazy bags to relax and a gastro corner where you can take a food break. The festival is held on two stages where you can enjoy Herzegovinian summer vibes in the open air.

MOSTAR Summer Festival 2019 dates

This year’s Mostar Summer Festival is held from June 27th to June 29th in the Čarobna Industrijska Zona in Mostar.

How to get to MOSTAR Summer Festival by bus?

You can take FlixBus to get to Mostar from neighbouring countries. Check here which buses can take you to the city. Once you arrive in Mostar, there is free transportation provided by the festival from Španjolski trg (Spanish square) to the location of the festival. The transportation will operate between 6 pm and 4 am. Additionally, a local taxi operator also provides affordable prices for festival attendees.

MOSTAR Summer Festival 2019 lineup

This year’s lineup includes Hladno Pivo, Brkovi, Elemetal, Gustafi, Krešo Bengalka, Partibrejkersi, Vojko V, and many more.