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#FlixTripAtHome - Paris

In the spirit of #StayHome, we're bringing you the culture from some of the world’s most desired cities for you to experience a FlixTrip at home. Check out the video below to see how we explored Paris at home!

Parisian Brunch

Na prostřeném stole je talíř s bagetou, sleničkou pomerančového džusu, šálek černé kávy, sklenice marmelády se lžičkou a další talíř kde je pomeranč s máslovým nožem a kusem bagety, na které je marmeláda.

Did you know? Behind Moulin Rouge, there’s a hidden cafe and it has the best brunches. From your closest supermarket, grab a French baguette with an assortment of jams or spreads, a bag of coffee to make a cup of Un Cafe (Parisian black coffee), and pour yourself a glass of orange juice. That makes a tasty Parisian breakfast, inspired by ‘Bár A Bulles’.

The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulian

Ung kvinde nyder de parisiske gader

Who doesn’t love a great rom-com? Experience the city of Paris through the eyes of a young waitress looking to change the lives of those around her. On the way, she finds true love!

Moulin Rouge

Prostředí kabaretu, světla ve tvaru hvězdy, před kterými stojí slečna hrající na trumpetu

No Paris at home experience would be complete without mentioning this. We’re sorry that we cannot take you to see the live cabaret, right now, but the Moulin Rouge music is great too!

Artworks from the Louvre

Pohled na muzeum Louvre z náměstí

Finish your Paris at Home day by experiencing the works of the Louvre. One of the world’s most historical and significant collections of art and culture.

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