The best destinations at Halloween in Europe

Halloween destinations in Europe

We are mistaken in thinking that Halloween is a celebration of American origins: it is not! The origins of Halloween are markedly European and date back to over 2,000 years ago. According to legends, the meaning of Halloween resides in a sort of celebration of the dead, a tradition bringing people to open the doors of their homes to allow the visits of ghosts. Halloween is celebrated in different fashions throughout Europe.

There are plenty of destinations to choose from, so you can travel to one of FlixBus’ haunted cities this Halloween and celebrate the festivity in different ways! From watching Halloween parades to children running from house to house reciting the formula of "trick or treat” and of course the ritual of a carved pumpkin, you can discover these traditions and much more this October.

Curiosities about Halloween

What does the word “Halloween” mean?  It is the union of the words “All Hallows Eve,” archaic English for “All Saints.”

What is the symbol of Halloween? It is predominantly the Jack-o'-lantern; a lantern in a pumpkin carved with human features. Its origins lie in the legend of Jack Stingly, an Irish peasant who tried to cheat the devil but became condemned to wander in darkness with only an ember to shed light. 

Where the "Trick-or-treat" coming from? “Trick-or-treat” is the ritual formula children will recite at the doors of their neighbors demanding candy. On the feast of origins, Celtic villagers wore animal skin to symbolize the spirits in return for food and wine.

Is there a full moon on Halloween?  In reality, it is very rare for the moon to be full on October 31st. Actually, the next time it will happen will be in 2020!

At FlixBus we want to give you some tips and information about Halloween: we found the most terrifying haunted cities in Europe, along with the best spooky suggestions of what to do and what to visit. Our recommended haunted destinations for Halloween are only for the bravest travelers!