Berlin party tour

Having promised to give you top tips about the best party destinations in Europe, we couldn’t skip the German capital - undoubtedly one of the top 10 party places worldwide. Berlin is famous for its astonishing night life scene, attracting millions of tourists every year! Are you up for something epic in the city, where anything is possible? Then book your bus ticket & discover why Berlin parties are the greatest.

If we had to describe Berlin in one sentence, it would be: the place where world famous DJs, cheap alcohol & wild atmosphere come together to ensure your experience will be unforgettable! Here, the clubs don’t tend to close early and what’s more, Berghain offers the possibility to party from Friday evening till Monday morning (non-stop!). So, in case you feel tired of your local discos and want to head on a one-in-a-lifetime party trip, Berlin party tour is all you need.

Considered “the party capital of Europe”, Berlin, with its diverse night-time options, offers something for everyone, and honestly there’s no need to recommend particular clubs or bars. Passing by the Berlin party areas, you can’t walk 100m without stumbling across a nice venue! Insider tip: in the west part of the city, you’ll find fancy & more expensive clubs, while in the east – more casual & definitely cheaper spots.

Wondering where to go? Kreuzberg, Savignyplatz, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte – there are a lot of possibilities! Looking for something in particular? Sisyphos, KitKat & Berghain won’t disappoint you! Useful hint: some clubs in the city center are notorious for not letting people in, so double-check if there are any precise requirements in advance!

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Summer parties in Berlin

As one of the top party cites in the world, Berlin offers a great variety of summer parties and events. Being popular all year round for its astonishing night life and party atmosphere, it could be hard to recommend something summer-specific in the German capital, but we do have an insider tip for you. If you want to experience the most of “summer Berlin”, you should stick to open-air parties! There are many possibilities and you can literally choose from an infinite number of locations, amongst which the most popular ones are: Else, Ipse, Ostrand, Badeschiff & Arena Club, etc. Here, open-air events are organized regularly, so even if you don’t plan in advance, you can still enjoy the epic Berlin parties! Just choose your favorite from the list below, we’ll take care of your transportation. 

Midnight Stories at club Ritter Butzke

Do you want to party with tourists and the locals? Do you want to see 15 world-famous DJs in one of the most popular party places in the German capital? Do you want to dance all night long? Then the only thing you need to do is book your cheap bus ticket & head on an unforgettable Berlin party tour. 

Studio Kreuzberg Open Air at Sage Beach Berlin

Taking place in one of the most visited beaches in Berlin, Studio Kreuzberg Open Air is the hottest electronic party in the German capital come summer 2016. Sand, sun & good vibes – What more do you need? 

Dominik Eulber Open Air at Ipse

What about some techno music & refreshing cocktails in the very heart of Berlin? :)

The Tuesday – Rooftop party

“The Tuesday party” is a world-famous event, organized for first time in 2001 by DJ Crazy Sonic (one of the legends of Vienna). It got so popular, because the concept of partying on Tuesday seemed appealing and interesting to many people. On the 30th August, DJ Sonic, David Dorad & DJ Cruz will be playing at Weekend, located at Alexanderplatz. The summer party will take place on the rooftop terraces of the club, offering an amazing view of the city center of Berlin. Are you ready for some electronic beats at sunset? Then save the date & take advantage of our cheap transport to the best parties in Europe. 

Zurück zu den Wurzeln – Open Air Party

To end the summer season on a high, we suggest you the attend the “Back to the basics party” in Suicide Circus, one of the most famous clubs in the German capital. Summer, drinks, techno & Berlin – the only thing you could be missing is transport to this epic summer party, and FlixBus has you covered! 

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Berlin as Bachelor/Bachelorette party destination

Getting married? Looking forward to making your last weekend as a single person remarkable? Then visit Berlin! The German capital is anything but ordinary, a city with many different faces & without doubt, a promising Bachelor/Bachelorette party destination. The vibrant nightlife, laid-back atmosphere and unique lifestyle, makes Berlin a real partying paradise & honestly, you’ll want to enjoy this extraordinary city as single person at least once! We’ll take care of your transportation!

The German capital offers a great variety of stag/hen activities, among which are beer tours, brewery tours, waterskiing, bubble football, erotic entertainment & riverboat cruises. hard to decide, isn’t it? To make the most of your Bachelor/Bachelorette party trip, we recommend: 

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Benefitis of hiring your own party bus

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