London party tour

London party tour

The English capital has a lot to offer not only in terms of bad weather, but also in terms of great parties! The broad diversity of bars, clubs, restaurants, pubs and theatres make London what it is – one of the top party cities in Europe, a place that has something for everyone. Many people believe that London, just as Berlin, has many different faces and is therefore a popular party destination amongst our bus passengers. The English capital is considered a rather fancy and expensive place but you don’t need to worry, cause with FlixBus you can save on travelling costs and make the most of your London party tour, even if you’re on a budget.

What makes London unique is the fact that each district has its own specific character. Starting from the North, you will come across the world-famous club Fabric, where some of the greatest London parties take place. Continuing to the East, there’s some trendy music venues that you’ll find easily in Shoreditch. Dalston Strip, Fried Sugar, Queen of Hoxton Rooftop – there is plenty of choice! If you are a rock-lover, we strongly recommend you to head towards Camden – home to some lovely rock bars and clubs such as The Black Heart, The World’s End, BrewDog Camden, Dublin Castle, etc. Hip-hop and R&B party places are located in Southern London. Passing by Brixton or Clapham, you’ll encounter clubs such as Corsica Studios and Fire. Here, without doubt, you’ll spend some of the best nights in your life.

The English capital is also famous for its pub culture. Here, locals start to gather as soon as they finish work & this attracts even more tourists. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get to know sunny London, which will make your party trip even more memorable. Book your bus ticket & worry no more - we’ll take care of your transportation. 

Summer parties in London

The English capital is famous for its pioneering clubbing scene and epic parties. Despite the rainy weather, London’s calling even in summer, inviting you to some great events! So, in case you are spending your summer in Europe and passing by the English capital, you should pay a visit to one of the following: 

Travel by bus to the best party destinations in Europe. With FlixBus it is cheap and comfortable! For more tips and ideas, check the rest of our party trips. This page will be updated, stay tuned to receive our Halloween party suggestions! 

London as Bachelor/Bachelorette party destination

Do you wonder where and how you’re going to spend your Bachelor/Bachelorette party night…or even better, weekend? Do you need affordable transportation and some inspiration? Have you ever wanted to visit London? If the answer is “yes”, you are on the right page. FlixBus now offers low-cost Bachelor/Bachelorette party trips to the English capital. For bigger groups, we offer charter service and the possibility to hire your own party bus…or even buses!

Being the biggest city in Europe, London offers a great variety of stag/hen activities. Bar crawls, medieval banquets, strip clubs, VIP nightclub entry, indoor go-karting and much more awaits you in the English capital. And the best thing is that what happens in London, stays in London! If you want to have the most epic Bachelor/Bachelorette party in one of the greatest cities in the world, we recommend:

FlixBus now offers cheap and comfortable Bachelor party transportation and soon even the possibility to hire your own Bachelor/Bachelorette party bus. Visit London & make your stag/hen weekend unforgettable!