Tour of Italy with Ostello Bello: our deal with Ostello Bello to encourage (low season) tourism in Italy

«Happiness is real only when shared», so goes a very well-known quote by Lev Tolstoj, brought back in recent times by the movie Into the Wild. If you also think the perfect holiday lies with sharing the journey with newly met people and getting familiar with the local culture to experience places, tastes, and traditions in a fully authentic light, then we may have something for you!

With over 10 years history and 1 million guests brought together from around the globe, Ostello Bello has the perfect energy and merrymaking vibe to start your adventure and experience your destination to the fullest, just as a local would. A vision that FlixBus has encouraged ever since by connecting more and more cities with a growing international network, thus having different cultures come together.

In search of a 360° experience at a fair price?
Redeem the code FLIXBUS on and get an exclusive discount on your stay at Ostello Bello. And if you want to travel at an even cheaper price, just book your stay during the low winter season: our country is marvelous all the year round, after all!


If you’re headed to Milan, you’re going to face a dilemma: Ostello Bello Grande or Ostello Bello Milano Duomo? Whatever your choice, you’ll just have to get on a FlixBus to reach your destination directly from more than 200 cities in Italy and abroad. 

Ostello Bello Grande is ideally located 100 meters away from Milan Central Station, within easy reach of all main historic sites and hippest areas, including Garibaldi, Isola, Porta Venezia and NoLo.
Feeling like going for a full immersion of art, shopping, design, and luxury fashion? This is the ideal spot. And right at the end your busy day, you can enjoy the open air and chill on our rooftops… the perfect place to leave your followers open-mouthed!

Ostello Bello Milano Duomo is located in Via Medici 4, only few steps away from the city center’s main attractions: Piazza Duomo, the shopping district, the Colonne di San Lorenzo and Navigli areas – being some of the coolest nightlife spots in Milan – and some of the city’s best vintage shops in Via Torino.
Ever since it was inaugurated, the Ostello Bello in via Medici has been named Best Italian Hostel by Hostelworld, and – most importantly – has enjoyed daily enthusiastic reviews from its guests, who made it their “home away from home”. If you book your stay here, you’ll become one with Milan’s vibrant nightlife, with zero chance of getting bored!

After the parties, the aperitivi and the wonderful international art exhibitions, the time to relax has come. And where, if not by Lake Como?


Lake Como is an absolutely breathtaking location, having long inspired world-renowned writers for their masterpieces and occasionally becoming a second residence for Hollywood actors.

With FlixBus, Como is within reach from around 20 cities in Italy and abroad, and we promise: once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave. You’ll fall in love with the ancient building hosting Ostello Bello Como, with its patio, its rooftops and its secret garden. The air you’ll breathe here is just unique, and trekking lovers will have their hearts stolen by the pathways crossing the surrounding mountains. On the other hand, chillers can experience the celebrity lifestyle, going from the beaches along Lake Como to the wonderful Ostello Bello bar.

Warning: the level of romance is said to be dangerously high over here (just as that of cholesterol… try the polenta uncia and you’ll see!)

And once you’re done with the lake… why not going to the see? The journey continues!


You can reach Genoa by FlixBus from 130 Italian and international cities. Once you get to Ostello Bello Genova, you’ll have the perfect starting point to explore the city across all directions. Enjoy a walk along the iconic "caruggi" alleys and be captivated by Genoa’s peculiar historic center, then discover the old harbor area and catch a cable car to one of the many viewpoints in the upper city.

You’ll soon realize you don’t have to go hunting for art, as Genoa is literally brimming with ancient buildings, architectures, and frescos. Not to mention Europe’s biggest aquarium, where you’ll get a chance to experience sea nature at a very close distance. 

Also, this place is well-known for pesto, focaccia, and fried fish, so a tour of the local trattorias alone is 100% worth the trip! 


Could one of the world’s most beautiful places not have its own Ostello Bello? Of course not. 
And what in the world could ever outdo an art-architecture-food-wine-literature mix at Ostello Bello Firenze?

Set off by FlixBus from 160 cities in Italy and abroad, and you’ll get to wonderful Florence, home to Michelangelo’s David, 50 museums, 150 churches and countless works of art.

From fashion to religion, from art to botany, from sports to cuisine: here you can find all that you’re searching for. And it’s so stunning that you just can’t help falling in love with it!


Ostello Bello Assisi Bevagna is the first Ostello Bello facility in the Umbria region. Just as their neighboring Tuscans, Umbrians know best when it comes to food, wine or breathtaking landscapes. However, they sure count way less tourists running around with selfie sticks. With a range of activities including canoeing, rafting and paragliding, this is the perfect spot if you’re the adventure type.

Assisi is easily reachable via FlixBus from around 20 cities. Once you get to the hostel, you can rent a bike, go horse-riding or hiking with Ostello Bello’s guides, but keep in mind: all the sweat you pour will be abundantly repaid by wine and delicious local tasting. In the end, life deserves to be enjoyed, doesn’t it?


By all accounts, Naples has one of the highest densities of historic and cultural venues in the world. It’s also known as "the Italian city with too much history to handle" according to the BBC.

Strategically located around the corner of Via Toledo, Naples’ most popular shopping street, Ostello Bello Napoli has more than 20 bedrooms and over 110 beds. From there, you can fully enjoy the city’s lively atmosphere, starting your adventure from the Quartieri Spagnoli, Montesanto and the famous Spaccanapoli.

Wonderfully fresh fish, either raw, cooked, or fried; the Vesuvius; the tradition of Tarots; Castel Nuovo and its islands; the vibrant street art; Maradona!

Naples is great for eating, drinking and dancing! But most of all, it’s world-famous for the breathtaking beauty, that which leaves you speechless and reminds you just how superb this country is.

This splendid art city, rich in both history and culture and spiritual life, is reachable via FlixBus from more than 130 cities.


If all roads lead to Rome, many FlixBus lead to Ostello Bello Roma… from 200 cities!

Be amazed by nearly 3,000 years of history, art and philosophy. Ostello Bello Roma lies just a few blocks away from Termini railway station and consists of a five-store facility with 152 beds and private bathroom. It includes a bar with open area, a living area and a wonderful rooftop serving as the ideal viewpoint to enjoy the sights of the Eternal City. The whole building is decorated with pictures and visuals ranging from the Imperial Rome to that of the Futurist era, which will make you feel like a guest of either Julius Caesar or Giacomo Balla, whatever your preferences.

Great finale for a lifetime trip with FlixBus, isn’t it?

And now comes the hardest part: waving goodbye to Italy and going back home.
Rest assured; you’ll miss this country when you leave. But now that you’ve filled your eyes with beauty and lived to the fullest just like a local, you know you can count on a “home away from home” that will be waiting for you until you set off on your next journey!