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Romantic Destinations in Europe

Europe is full of beautiful, romantic places and you can now visit many of them on one of our buses! Whether you want to stroll hand in hand through an old city center, enjoy some peace and quiet in the mountains or spend some time relaxing in a spa; our comfortable buses will take you to a European destination of your choice in no time at all. 

Learn more about romantic Budapest

Budapest is known as ‘The Paris of the East’ and just like love it is a timeless city. Here you'll find couples holding hands and enjoying themselves at the city's unique restaurants and cafes. Take a bus to Budapest and you can spoil yourself and your lover.

Start your day off right with an outstanding breakfast at the beautiful New York Café. The atmosphere inside this 120 year old building is very romantic and great for having a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne. When you've finished make sure to pass the city's fountain and head to the Museum of Fine Art and enjoy some classical art. Many loved up couples that visit Budapest also enjoy a picnic in "Városliget," one of the city's most popular parks which has a beautiful castle located in the middle. If you are lucky, the park might be holding one of its seasonal events during your stay.  

For the perfect place to eat for your romatic break in Budapest we would recommend dining at a local restaurant or café. Typical for Budapest is to have the choice from multiple small platters, so you can find whatever suits your appetite and have a little bit of what you fancy! Another popular option is the Great Market Hall, which is open until 9pm. Here you'll find both local and worldwide delicacies; a fantastic foundation for a romantic picnic in a beautiful city.

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Learn more about romantic Venice

If you want to spend a romantic weekend in Italy, Venice is an excellent first choice. Walk in the footsteps of the legendary romantic Casanova or take a Gondola ride on one of the beautiful canals. Venice offers the perfect atmosphere for a romantic getaway.

Enjoying a candle lit dinner comprised of outstanding Italian food and wine by the canals in Venice, might be one of the most romantic experiences the city has to offer. You'll have no problem finding the perfect restaurant. With an array of special locations, serving delicious food. Make sure you also visit some of the local bacari –  the small bars around Venice where locals go to chat over a glass of wine and some crostini (mini toast with Italian delicacies). This is a great option if you’re traveling on a budget since they're usually less expensive than the more touristy restaurants around the city.

Exploring the city by just walking down the streets of Venice is a great idea since the beautiful architecture along the canals offers the perfect scenery for your romantic stay. There are also plenty of good spots for you and your partner to watch the sunset after a romantic stroll. If you can't decide on one spot then just take a Gondola ride where you can simulataneously enjoy each others company and the stunning surroundings. You can also take a boat ride to one of the nearby islands and watch the enchanting Venetian setting from afar. If you get up early you can enjoy a cup of coffee together at the famous San Marco square and listen to the church bells ringing before it gets crowded by tourists.

Venice has many narrow streets which you can admire and stroll around during your stay. It can be hard to find an address in this city, but before you get back on your bus to go home you should try to make it to the small alley Sotoportego dei Preti. If you look hard you’ll discover a small stone heart just above the low arched passageway. The legend says it was put there by a fisherman who fell in love with a mermaid and if you and your partner touch the heart at the same time your love will last forever.

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Learn more about romantic Heidelberg

Germany at its most romantic! In Heidelberg you'll be enchanted by mighty castles, the Old Bridge, fountains, culture and food. Heidelberg attracts travelers from all over the world and as soon as you travel here you'll understand why.

The city offers great parks, festivals, orchestras, museums, art displays and lovely golf courses. Make sure to enjoy every second and stop to smell the roses; you will easily get inspired by the people living in this romantic city. The area has accommodated some of the greatest historical poets, artists as well as more modern day celebrities. Heidelberg is also Germany's oldest and most famous university town, with romantic vibes that stem from being the center of the epoch of Romanticism in Germany. Heidelberg truly offers something for everyone and regardless of age you´ll soon find something to enjoy here.

Some recommended special hot spots around the town are: Joe Molese´s diner with amazing pastrami sandwiches, Heidelberg´s famous church that is now used for concerts, the Heidelberger Zuckerladen where you can do some sweet shopping for your sweetie, and the popular L’Épicerie where you can enjoy pralines, spices and oils. This is the perfect destination if you want to go somewhere peaceful with your loved one.

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Learn more about romantic Paris

Whether you are going on a romantic trip with your significant other or feel like soaking up the atmosphere with a friend – Paris is the place for you. You know all about the Eiffel tower’s sparkling light in the evening and have already visited the Pont des Arts? Don't worry as we have many more tips for you!

What sets the romantic mood better than some great food that brings back nostalgic memories? For those of you who enjoyed the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp, you can actually recreate the romantic pasta and meatballs scene in the well-known cobblestone alley. In Paris you´ll find these types of restaurant located in hidden passages all over the city. That’s amore! Or, want to spice up your night? Try some oysters. Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac and the French bistro L’Ecailler du Bistrot on Rue Paul Bert serves some of the best in Paris.

If you want to explore nature in the French capital, head to the exotic Parc des Buttes Chaumont where you'll find a stretch of wine yards and an array of waterfalls. Have a glass of wine while having a stroll and soak up the magical atmosphere by climbing to the top to admire the beautiful city. If you're feeling adventurous you can also rent a Vespa with your loved one and drive around the charming streets of Montmartre, scooters usually costs around €45 per day.

On a budget? A stroll down the Canal St-Martin is free. Grab your sweetheart and walk along the peaceful 19th century paths by the water. Admire the road bridge opening and closing for passing canal boats, and perhaps end the night with a kiss.

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Learn more about romantic Prague

Do you and your láska (significant other in Czech) enjoy outdoor activities combined with a city pulse, vibrant culture, beautiful architecture and magnificent food? Prague has got it all and is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

One of the biggest wow factors in the Czech capital is the great food in its even greater buildings. Here you'll spot castles and Romanesque palaces from the 12th century, all setting the perfect scenery for a romantic stroll. Czech foodies’ top-picks are: The Blue Duck (U Modré kachničky) for special occasions, the panoramic castle view at Villa Richter Piano Nobile and the Buddha Bar Restaurant if you're in the mood for a party. Feel like dressing up for your hot dinner date? You can pick out the perfect outfit in the city center without having to rush around as the stores and shopping malls are open longer than the rest of the city. Here you´ll see lovebirds making purchases as late as 10pm.

The most beautiful park in Prague is the Petřín Park located in the city center. When in mood for some music, attend the State Opera at the Municipal House. Make sure to locate the Old Town Square where you can see the 15th Century Astronomical Clock, a popular tourist attraction all year round. While you are in Prague on your romantic trip you should: visit the Prague Castle, watch a sunrise on the infamous Charles Bridge, and venture outside the historical center and locate the city's New Town. For less touristy areas be sure to head over to Vinohrady. To see what the core of Czech is all about and enjoy a romantic weekend for two, travel by bus to Prague with FlixBus.

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Learn more about romantic Rhine Valley

The river Rhine and its picturesque valleys are the perfect destination for a romantic break with your other half. Surrounded by the valley's old cities, beautiful castles, and charming villages and wineries, the two of you will have an unforgettable time.

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley region is so unique and significant that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 2002. Why not take a boat cruise on the river Rhine and enjoy the view while sipping on some local Riesling wine? But be careful around the town of St. Goar, where according to a legend, you can hear a siren called Loreley sing to passerby sailors, who are so enchanted by the sound that they lose control of their ship and sink at the rocks! If you don’t want to take that chance, the dry land has a lot to offer as well. You can choose from a variety of footpaths and trails; two favorites are the Rhine Castles Trail and the Rheinsteig Trail.

There are many other cities along the river Rhine that you should also consider when planning a romantic break. You can start your romantic weekend by taking a bus to one of the cities along the river, for example Mainz, Coblenz or Bonn, and start your Rhine adventure by enjoying the city’s sights.

Take a bus to Mainz, Coblenz or Bonn.

Learn more about romantic Rügen Island

Rügen is Germany's largest island and as it is surrounded by water, many of its go-to activities involve just that. So if enjoying the water and nature with your loved one is what you prefer over the big city pulse – this is the romantic destination for you.

On your bus journey to Rügen Island, you will already get a sense of the beautiful scenery that is to come even before you arrive. If it is not the white and sandy beaches that catch your eye first, the forest along the peninsulas will. Rügen is known for its spectacular array of colors and nature, as well as for its surrounding deciduous forest. You might think you have arrived in a far more eastern and exotic location than in northern Germany!

Rügen, which some people call the wedding island, is a popular tourist destination because of the hotels, architecture, and surroundings that can be found in different resorts on the island. The island effortlessly offers the perfect backdrop for proposal and wedding pictures. The most popular activities are hiking, sailing, kayaking and diving, but the area also offers wellness resorts, boat trips, and national parks. So bring your picnic basket and enjoy a romantic meal in the exceptional surroundings.

The most popular sea resorts are the beaches between Altenkirchen and Juliusruh, as well as the eastern beaches between Sassnitz and Göhren. Great areas, which are not located directly by the beach, are Cape Arkona, Stubbenkammer hills in the woods and Jasmund by the cliffs. Take the bus to Rügen Island for a special romantic getaway.

With a FlixBus you can travel to GöhrenBaabeSellinBinz or Bergen auf Rügen.

Learn more about romantic Harz Mountains National Park

Have you ever wondered what an enchanted forest would look like in real life? Harz Mountains are as close to a fairy tale as you can imagine. With towns, castles, valleys, mountains, and a never-ending stretch of forest, this region is perfect for any couple!

In the summer, the national park is perfect for hiking, biking and relaxation in one of its many spas. Winter is equally as appealing as you can go skiing, sledging, ice-skating or visit one of the local Christmas markets. However, the romantic landscape and towns of Harz Mountains are beautiful throughout the whole year, no matter what the season or weather.

Are you still not convinced this is the perfect fairytale destination? The highest peak of Harz Mountains, the Brocken Mountain, is a popular meeting spot for witches. But do not worry as they only meet here for their revelry on Walpurgis Night on the 30th of April. Throughout the rest of the year, the mountains are a peaceful place. You can either walk to the top of the mountain or take a scenic steam train from Wernigerode – both options will leave you with a lasting impression. The local steam train is also very convenient to get around on so you can visit all the towns in the area.

Choose from one of many FlixBus destinations in region of the Harz Mountains: Bad HarzburgBlankenburgGoslarOsterode am HarzQuendlingburgWernigerode.