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Locomore is on the road again! And we have the tickets!

Locomore is back!

Are you in the right place? Yes! You are wondering why? It's simple: Because the Locomore train is running again and you can book your tickets through FlixBus starting immediately. Are you in the right place? Yes! You are wondering why? It's simple: Because the Locomore train is running again and you can book your tickets through FlixBus starting immediately.

It all started on August 24; travel between Berlin and Stuttgart as usual. Trips are carried out by our partner, LEO Express, and we handle ticket sales. We believe in Locomore and the fact that mobility on the rails doesn't have to be expensive. Together, we are making sure that the trains will be back in action. At the same time, we are very excited by this perfect addition to our network of green long-distance buses.

Here we will explain what this cooperation means for you in detail:

Bei FlixBus bekommst du die günstigsten Preise, mit Garantie.

Easy booking everywhere

Locomore trips is bookable via FlixBus.com, on our FlixBus app, or through one of our thousands of ticket office partners. The app also provides you with information on delays as well as routes and stops!

Umbuchung bis zu 15 Minuten vor Abfahrt

Even better service, more flexibility – easy and everywhere!

You are able to check in to Locomore electronically, just like on our buses. And thanks to simpler cancelation and rebooking rules, you have complete flexibility and are able to change your travel plans up to 15 minutes before departure. 

Free water available on board as opening offer!

Bored? We also offer free Wi-Fi in the trains. 

Important information

What you still need to know

Starting on August 24. Locomore trains will travel between Stuttgart and Berlin once per day, as before. You can normally take the train from Fridays to Monday.

You can find information on your platform in your booking confirmation email as well as on your ticket. Please follow the respective station display and loudspeaker for your depature, should last minute changes be made to the platform.

Mehr gute Gründe für eine Fahrt mit dem Fernbus

Even more selection and new travel options by combining bus and train!

4 - 5x per week, Locomore trains will start up again on the route traveling to Stuttgart – Vaihingen – Heidelberg – Darmstadt – Frankfurt – Hanau – Fulda – Kassel – Göttingen – Hannover – Wolfsburg – Berlin. The availability of Locomore trains on the FlixBus website or app means that you will soon be able to book amazing transfer connections and connect your Locomore train ride with a FlixBus trip across Germany and Europe!

Popular connections

With FlixBus to Berlin
On the train from Stuttgart to Berlin

With the FlixBus to Frankfurt
On the train from Berlin to Franfurt

To Berlin with the FlixBus
On the train from Hannover to Berlin

To Hannover by FlixBus
On the train from Stuttgart to Hannover

To Frankfurt with FlixBus
On the train from Wolfsburg to Frankfurt

To Kassel with FlixBus
On the train from Stuttgart to Kassel

How do I find Locomore connections in the shop?

You will recognize Locomore connections in the shop by the additional train icon. (see example below)

Train schedule Locomore

You don´t live close to a Locomore stop? 

No worries! You can now easily reach the Locomore stop in Hanover from Bremen and Hamburg. Book your next ride now! 

Train schedule Stuttgart Hbf - Berlin Lichtenberg *

Arriving Departing (Fr+Mon) Arriving Departing (Sat+Sun)   Platform
Stuttgart Hbf                 06:21                     06:39                        
Vaihingen (Enz) 06:39       06:40 06:55      06:57                         7
Heidelberg Hbf 07:16       07:17 07:26       07:28                        5
Weinheim (Bergst) 07:32       07:33 07:43       07:44                        2
Darmstadt Hbf 08:03       08:04 08:03       08:04                        5
Frankfurt (Main) Süd 08:25       08:29  08:25       08:29                        8
Hanau 08:41       08:42 08:41       08:42                       7 
Fulda 09:22       09:23 09:23       09:23                       6
Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe 09:58       09:59 09:58       09:59                       4
Göttingen 10:19       10:20 10:19      10:20                        9
Hannover Messe/Laatzen 10:54       11:00 10:54      11:00                       16
Lehrte 11:18       11:23 11:18      11:23                       11
Wolfsburg Hbf 11:47       11:48 11:47      11:48                        5
Berlin Zoo 12:58       12:59 12:58      12:59                       1
Berlin Hbf (oben) 13:05       13:08 13:05      13:08                      11
Berlin Ostbahnhof 13:17       13:18 13:17      13:18                       2
Berlin Ostkreuz 13:22       13:23 13:22      13:23
Berlin Lichtenberg 13:36  13:36                                    16

Train schedule Berlin Lichtenberg - Stuttgart Hbf*

Arriving   Departing    Departing    Platform
Berlin Lichtenberg                14:28              16
Berlin Ostkreuz 14:37      14:38                     
Berlin Ostbahnhof 14:42     14:43                7
Berlin Hbf (oben) 14:52     14:54              13
Berlin Zoo 15:00     15:01               3
Wolfsburg Hbf 16:10     16:11               1
Lehrte 16:35     16:36              13
Hannover Messe/Laatzen 17:01     17:05              13
Göttingen 17:40     17:41              10
Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe 18:03     18:04               2
Fulda 18:37     18:39               3
Hanau 19:18     19:19               6
Frankfurt (Main) Süd 19:35     19:37               7
Darmstadt Hbf 19:53     19:54              10
Weinheim (Bergst) 20:16     20:17               3
Heidelberg Hbf 20:44     20:45                8
Vahingen (Enz) 21:12     21:13               2
Stuttgart Hbf 21:30               9

*Example schedule valid for the travel period: 10 - 19.12.2017. Please note that departure times and stops may differ slightly during other weeks. It is best to look for your connection directly in the shop.

For background information on Locomore, click here to find out more at the original Locomore website.