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Rødbillet : new FlixBus’s partner in Denmark

Rødbillet and FlixBus in Danmark

After Abildskou, Rødbillet is our second bus partner in Denmark and together we are going to create and operate the best intercity bus network with the highest frequencies in Denmark!

The Rødbillet bus fleet will become green. Rødbillet, matches FlixBus’ high-quality standards and thereby fits perfectly to the brand. Together, FlixBus and Rødbillet will provide the best offering to all the Danish customers.

Which benefits does this bring me as a Rødbillet customer?

We are providing the most extensive network in Denmark with the highest frequencies in Denmark. In the long run we will integrate even more Danish cities, especially in the more rural parts of the country. Hundreds of new bus connections will available for Danes and customers will benefit from a high-quality and consistent service.

Our stress-free service

  1. Customer-friendly terms and conditions, like easy cancellation and rebooking until 15 minutes to departure,
  2. Paperless Check-in, real-time information and push notification via FlixBus-App, extended service on bus-stops, etc.
  3. Comfortable fully equipped buses with extra leg room
  4. The possibility to offset the CO2 emissions of the bus ride during the booking
  5. Frequent price promotions, raffles and competitions

200.000 daily connections to 24 countries

FlixBus together with its local bus partners now offer the most extensive bus network in Europe with 200.000 daily connections to 24 countries and domestic networks in Germany, France, Austria, Croatia, Italy and the Netherlands. Our current network in Denmark allow us to travel from many cities in this country, especially form Aarhus, Copenhagen ad Odense together with Rødbillet we’ll let our customer to travel even more!

Extensive network – travel with bus both in Denmark and abroad !

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