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Request for travel in a wheelchair

Are you looking to travel in your wheelchair? We are happy to get in touch with you!
Please fill out the form below, so we can check how we can best accommodate your needs.
Our customer service will get back to you in the next few days.


Traveling with limited mobility – what do I need to know?
If you are a wheelchair user, please get in touch with our Customer Service 7 days before departure to allow us to verify that we can accommodate you on your trip. Please use this form above. If your disability allows you to use a standard seat, you can simply book the trip yourself. You just need to let us know 36 hours before departure if you are planning to bring your wheelchair, walking aids or other orthopaedic aids. You can bring your mobility aids free of charge. Please use this contact form (in the subject, select "Passengers with disabilities").
Can I travel on the entire network despite my limited mobility?
In general, we aim to transport all our passengers regardless of disability or limited mobility. However, we are not currently in a position to transport all passengers on all lines at all times. This depends on the bus facilities and on the available infrastructure - for example, not all stops are wheelchair-accessible. The stops are the responsibility of their respective bus operators. FlixBus currently only has a few wheelchair-accessible buses that can be used on all lines. If you have limited mobility, but you can get on or off a bus either by yourself or with the assistance of a traveling companion, you can travel with us on any line in our network. If you still need your wheelchair while on the bus, we can transport you on certain lines. But we request that you contact our Customer Service 7 days before departure, so we can carry out careful checks to verify that we can accommodate you. Please use this form above.
What requirements does my wheelchair need to fulfill so I can take it into the passenger cabin?
Only wheelchairs that meet the requirements of DIN EN 12183 or DIN EN 12184 as a passenger seat and use a restraint system as per DIN 75078-2 are permitted in the passenger cabin of long-distance buses. The following maximum wheelchair dimensions apply: width 70 cm x length 120 cm. The weight, including the occupant, may not exceed 300 kg. Please fill out this form above, in which you can describe the model and design of your wheelchair, at least 7 days before your trip.
Are the bus stops we travel to wheelchair-accessible?
It will take some time for the stops we service to be redesigned for wheelchair accessibility, which means we are not yet in a position to offer a comprehensive nationwide network of accessible stops. Since we do not operate the stops, we cannot currently provide detailed information on their infrastructure. We, therefore, recommend that you contact the local stop operator about the current facilities before your trip.
What are the costs for my traveling companion or my companion dog?
Your traveling companion or your companion dog travel completely for free upon presentation of an official/medical certificate stating that their presence is required at all times. After you have completed your booking, we book a place for your traveling companion or your companion dog. You just need to contact our Customer Service at the latest 36 hours before departure. Please use this contact form (in the subject, select "Passengers with disabilities").
How and where do I get assistance when traveling with my foldable wheelchair?
To make your trip as comfortable as possible, we recommend traveling with a companion who can assist you wherever required. Make sure to get in touch with us in good time before your trip, so we can discuss the details of your trip with you. It is important that you communicate your needs to us (boarding and alighting assistance, notice of limited mobility, etc.) at least 36 hours before departure.