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Weekend breaks

Choose your weekend plan with FlixBus

Get ready for the most outrageous travel plans from Munich and Berlin. We warn you: there will not be much time to rest...

Save all your energy during the week for what will be one of your most active weekends ever! It will also be really fun! This is why:

➠ You’ve been wanting to travel for a while now but you never got the time? You don’t know what is there to see near your city? We will tell you which are the most interesting cities to visit in your surrounding areas, during just one weekend or one day trip. Don’t skip classes, save your days off from work, just enjoy the plans we have prepared for you!

We can promise the following:

→ You will visit beautiful cities

→ You will have lots of fun

→ You will come back with many good stories to tell out of these amazing trips

→ You won’t spend more time than you will want to visiting each city

Choose your perfect plan

Check out our awesome plan for a weekend break!
Enjoy a weekend trip with FlixBus
Enjoy a weekend break with FlixBus!
Great plans from Berlin!

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