Together for Ukraine

We want to wholeheartedly thank our FlixTeams, bus partners, and the drivers who have been working tirelessly, both on the ground and from afar, helping refugees and providing travel options to people fleeing Ukraine.

Our priority was always to provide immediate and unbureaucratic aid where and when it was needed the most. The first step was to offer free rides to refugees at the Ukrainian-Polish border in Przemyśl and Rzeszów and later expand this support to Suceava and Tulcea in Romania.

Until mid-June, 6,000 vouchers were donated by Flix employees and management, providing travel options for people fleeing Ukraine. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen significant changes to this demand, leading to the decision to terminate the free voucher program from the border cities and shifting our focus to meet the new demand.

We stand with Ukraine, and in response, we’ve enhanced our offer to provide more services, keeping prices affordable, and ramping up the network. Our dedicated teams are keeping a close eye on the situation, and we’re ready to react with further support in case the circumstances in Ukraine change.


June 23 A new FlixBus direct line will connect Kyiv and Wroclaw. In total, ten direct international routes are now available for travelers from Ukraine to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.
April 28 FlixBus creates a new line from Kyiv to Budapest.
April 19 We are restarting suspended lines in Ukraine and are reopening bus stops in 7 Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Vinnytsia, Uman, Khmelnytskyi and Ternopil. There are currently 8 international connections available.
Starting from April 28, a new connection will open between Kyiv and Budapest.
March 11 In light of the increasing refugee influx closer to the Romania-Ukraine border, we have stopped the activity of our Support Buses in Bucharest, moving our Free Vouchers Program in Romania for departures from Suceava and Tulcea. Poland departing points remain in Przemyśl and Rzeszów.
March 1 We're now offering free tickets for refugees (regardless of their nationality) departing from Bucharest, Romania.
February 27 More connections have been created, from/to Przemyśl and Rzeszów for people coming to the Ukrainian-Polish border. Free rides for those fleeing Ukraine (all nationalities).
February 25 FlixBus provides additional connections to/from Przemyśl and Rzeszów at the Polish-Ukrainian border. Our team is on-site supporting refugees as they arrive in Przemyśl. FlixBus and its partners also transport goods and supplies to the people in need.