Events and Festivals

Travel to events and festivals with FlixBus

Ready to explore the world and make unforgettable memories? Look no further! At FlixBus, we’ve got you covered with exciting events happening across the globe. Whether it’s a music festival that makes your heart sing or a vibrant cultural celebration that ignites your curiosity, FlixBus can take you there. Get ready to embark on epic adventures, meet amazing people, and create stories that will last a lifetime. Hop on board and let’s make some incredible memories together!

Upcoming concerts in Europe

Enjoy concerts of your favorite artists without any hassle: FlixBus provides convenient and affordable rides to festival and concert locations all across Europe. You'll travel in comfort with plenty of luggage space.

Events and Festivals in Europe

Advantages of going to a festival by bus

Every summer, music festivals are blossoming like flowers in the spring! Music fans from all over the world come together to enjoy their favorite festivals and see the famous artists behind the tunes. FlixBus is now offering a brand new and more practical way to reach your favorite music festivals - whether they’re in your home country or abroad! 

No room in the car for your tent and all that festival survival gear? We’ve got a solution! Our large luggage compartment underneath the bus can easily store your tent and other essentials!

 Can’t wait to see your friends at the festival? Why wait when you can meet them before and travel together? Most cars can't fit all your friends but if you travel with FlixBus, the party can start a little earlier and you can plan the day with your crew on your journey there!

You can take advantage of the onboard toilet! We all know how tedious going to the bathroom can be at festivals, especially because of those notorious queues... So, empty out those bladders before things get serious.

Festivals require a lot of energy! Why waste it by driving for ages or arguing with your sat nav when you can just sit back, relax, charge your phone and camera using one of our outlets, and energize for the party ahead.

You don’t like taking the bus because you're afraid your neighbor might have smelly feet? Let’s put it this way- this probably won’t happen but if it does, it will prepare you for that fresh festival air... 

The FlixFestival survival guide

Don’t forget your ticket (yes it happens), ID, insurance cards, and cash.

Festivals are known for having bad cell phone coverage so make sure you write down any important cell phone numbers - if someone is nice enough to lend you their working phone, you’ve got one call. Don’t mess it up.

♫ Agree on a FM (Find Me) spot. If you get separated you can all meet there.

♫ Don't make any major life decisions!

♫ Hydrate (yes you should drink water every once in a while, a lot of it).

♫ Bring a tall person! Jump on their shoulders for the best seat in the house. Don’t have a tall friend? Make one! (They're also pretty hard to lose).

♫ For that matter- don’t lose your friends!

♫ If you don’t want to lose it or destroy it then don’t bring it and DON’T dress to impress.

♫ If you want to take a shower, either go very early in the morning or while David Guetta is on stage.

♫ Avoid post-festival blues! Your life isn’t over after you leave the festival grounds although it may feel that way.

Let loose and enjoy every minute of the festival! Sing until your voice goes hoarse and dance until your legs can’t carry you! If this sounds familiar then you know you’ve nailed it!