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How to book your ticket and manage your booking
Book extra baggage, bring your bike or reserve a seat in advance
Information on your trip and the services on board
Lost & found, newsletter, and answers to many other questions


1. Book & Manage Your Trip

Booking has never been so easy

Ticket Booking Options

There are various ways to book your ticket easily. You can not only book tickets on our website, but also via our FlixBus App or at our FlixShops and official ticket resellers.

Book your next trip online


Information about how to cancel/change your booking

Manage Your Booking

Need to change or cancel your trip? You can do this directly on our website up to 15 minutes before your departure.

Cancel/change your booking


2. Book Your Extras

Information about free and additional luggage you can take on board!


Read our baggage policy before your trip. You can take more baggage with you than you may think! 

Baggage policy


How to reserve a seat

Seat Reservations

We offer the option to find and reserve a seat before your bus trip. Learn more about how to reserve a seat or make changes to your reservation.

More about seat reservations

Bicycle transport with FlixBus


You have the option to bring your bike on your trip with FlixBus. Learn more about the conditions for bicycle transport.

How to take a bike onto FlixBus


We are one of the most reliable ways to travel. You still want to be on the safe side? You can insure your baggage or book a connection insurance.

Insurance options


3. Your Ride with Us

Services on the Bus

In order to make your journey as comfortable as possible, FlixBus offers a wide range of different services on board for you. 

Our services on the bus


Find your nearest bus stop using our app

Current Route Information

All the information you need to know about the current route from or to a particular bus stop. 

Current route information


4. Help & More

Simply fill in our lost and found form online and we will do the rest

Lost and Found

If you have lost or found something on board one of our buses you can contact our lost property office.

Lost property office


Find the answers to all of your questions on our FAQ page


Do you have a question with regards to your booking or your trip with FlixBus? Here you can find the answers to the most common questions and contact information about our customer service.


Best prices


We at FlixBus want to make life as easy as possible for you. With our unbeatable prices and great service, we prepare you for a pleasant trip.

Discover cheap prices

Stay informed with the FlixBus newsletter


Don’t want to miss out on our new routes, competitions and exclusive offers? Subscribe to our free FlixBus newsletter!

Subscribe to the FlixBus newsletter

Airport stops in FlixBus network

FlixBus Stops at Airports

Are you taking a plane to your next destination? Have a look at the complete list of airport bus stops in our network and let us take you to your upcoming adventure.

See all FlixBus stops at airports

Cruise and Ferry Harbors

Cruises and Ferry Harbors

You can now combine your cruise or ferry journey with a FlixBus trip. See which harbors are in our network.

Overview of the main ports