The Future of Mobility

Paving the Way to the Future of Mobility

Mobility is changing. Our global society is on the verge of a complete transformation in the way people and goods travel from A to B, thanks to a convergence of technological and social trends. From a societal move toward ridesharing to the advancements in electric vehicles and autonomous driving, people and industries are shaping the Future of Mobility. 

Mobility matters. Whether it’s visiting family, getting to work or exploring the world, travel is a part of people’s everyday lives. And, thanks to the changes in mobility, people have more options for sustainable, safe, reliable and affordable transportation.

Electro Mobility! #FlixElectric

The first ever all-electric buses on long-distance routes.

Buses are, by nature, one of the eco-friendliest forms of transportation – think carsharing times 15. At FlixBus, we are paving the way to an even greener future of ridesharing with the launch of the world’s first, 100% electric long-distance buses in Europe. 

Electric motors are three to four times more efficient than combustion engines.

Source: Siemens 

E-Bus France

In April 2018, FlixBus put the first ever all-electric buses on long-distance lines, with two e-buses running between Paris La Défense and Amiens in cooperation with B.E. Green.

E-Bus Germany

The FlixBus all-electric fleet increased in October 2018 with the addition of the German Flix E-Bus on the route between Mannheim and Frankfurt. Thanks to cooperation with Greenpeace Energy, the German E-bus runs on 100% clean energy from renewable sources.

Find out more about the launch of the second route of long-distance e-bus transportation in the world.

Both buses can be booked through the FlixBus online shop and via the app where they are denoted with the “E-Bus icon”. Prices to take the E-bus are in line with our standard, dynamic FlixBus pricing system and start as low as €3.99

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Flix: Integrated Mobility Networks

Mobility is about freedom. And, at Flix, we believe in providing people with the freedom to choose where they want to go and how they want to get there.


In Spring 2018, the FlixBus business model made it to the railways with the launch of FlixTrain. Today, green FlixTrains run between Stuttgart to Berlin and Hamburg to Cologne, with more routes being added soon.

The FlixTrain, FlixBus and FlixBus E-Bus networks work in perfect combination: like a puzzle, they connect to one another, allowing people to travel to even more destinations, more efficiently and more sustainably. Likewise, more than 80% of Flix destinations are in cities of less than 200,000 people, allowing travelers from both urban and rural regions to reach their next destination.Our networks also connect to major mobility hubs and airports, so regardless of your preferred mode of travel for a specific route, we can help you get there.