Safety on our buses

Travel safely throughout Europe with FlixBus

Buses are the safest mode of transport on the road. Traveling by bus is the safest way to travel on Europe’s roads, according to the Statistical Federal Office. With FlixBus you will always arrive to your destination safely as safety on board each of our buses is our main priority. For us, safety comes first: Our green buses meet highest standards of safety and our drivers are trained using the latest methods. Choose your desired bus travel from our extensive European route network and experience traveling through Europe by the safest means of transport today. Our route network will give you an overview of our bus routes across Europe.

We use the latest safety features both on board our buses and for training our drivers

Our FlixBus drivers will get you there safely - day and night

Our drivers will drop you off at your destination safely. All of our drivers are fully trained and have regular safety training, meaning they are always prepared for any traffic and travel problems that may occur. Through clearly defined driving and rest breaks, we strive to ensure that your bus driver is always concentrating on the wheel.  With GPS tracking, we can check driving and resting periods and see the location of our buses at all times. FlixBus night time trips are served by a two-person crew, and drivers switch regularly. The drivers on these trips are also specially trained for nightline operation. Even if your bus journey is one of our longer connections, safety will always be our and our drivers' main priority.

Buckle up and off you go!

Of course, each of our passengers contribute to ensure safety on board at all times. It is obligatory to wear your seatbelt at all times while on board. For the safety of our smaller passengers, we have age appropriate transportation facilities so your child can travel safely. We ask you to make sure that not only are you securely strapped in to your seat, but also your child (in a suitable child seat), for the duration of the journey.Your safety is our top priority, with FlixBus you can travel through Europe safely. When on board one of our buses you will see our safety measures and procedures for yourself... so what are you waiting for? Book your ticket today!