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Bring your bike on the bus

Transport your bike from A to B with FlixBus

Wondering what to do this summer? Want to do something different? It’s time to go cycling! There’s nothing more exhilarating than jumping on a bike and exploring Europe. Cycle through Germany, Italy or perhaps even France, and make the most of your summer. But how do I travel with my bike in the first place? The train is usually too expensive and going by car can be quite awkward. Don’t worry! We have the solution:

How to take your bike on the bus: 2 options

Many of our buses are fully equipped to transport bikes, so you can sleep soundly for the duration of your trip knowing your cycling gear is in safe hands. We’ll go through some of the important details below. 

Add a bike to your booking directly in our shop

Most of our buses are equipped with bicycle racks that can carry up to 5 bikes. This is the easiest and most preferred option amongst our passengers.

  • Cost: You can find the costs here. Please note that the mentioned amount refers to a one-way fee.
  • How to book: Book a ticket as you normally would, but this time be sure to select the number of bikes you would like to bring with you. You can then see in the shop if your selected route offers this service.

Bring your bike as special baggage

Unfortunately, not all of our buses are fitted with bike racks. If this is the case, you can always bring your bike along as special luggage. This is how it’s done:

  • Book your bus trip as normal without adding a bike (should it be unavailable for the selected route)
  • Contact customer service 48 hours before your trip and make your request: +49 (0) 30 300 137 300 *
  • If you don’t wish to speak English or German over the telephone, you can send your request to service@flixbus.com

Your bike can be taken as special luggage under the following conditions:

  • Cost: You can find the costs here. Please note that the mentioned amount refers to a one-way fee. There is a limit of one piece of special baggage per person
  • Bike bag: Your bicycle must be disassembled and stowed in an appropriate travel bag or case
  • Dimensions: Special baggage must be no larger than 240cm (height +  width + depth). The maximum weight permitted is 25kg

* Caution: these are calls to a COUNTRY landline. Mobile charges may apply.

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