Book your FlixBus ticket with Google Assistant!

Ok Google, ask FlixBus for the next bus to Berlin...

With Google Assistant you can easily and quickly access information about connections, timetables and current prices by asking on voice command. Once the right journey is found, you can then book your ticket with voice control. By integrating with Google Assistant, you can easily book the cheapest or fastest connection!

The integration with Google Assistant makes the 400,000 daily FlixBus connections to over 3,000 destinations directly accessible from home and at any time!

The FlixBus Action is currently available for Android and IOS and on Google Home in 3 languages (English, German and French). The app can be downloaded for iOS ​​​​​and​ Android.

With FlixBus on Google Assistant you can easily plan your next trip. To get started, talk to FlixBus to find available rides at your convenience (cheapest tickets, exact departure time, shortest trip, etc), get information for a booking, get answers to common questions, like luggage regulations, bus stop addresses, etc, and, hear some fun facts about FlixBus and traveling to inspire you on your next adventure.

You can find not only the fastest or cheapest connection but also ask Google Assistant:

  • What’s the bus stop address?
  • How much the trip from place A to B cost?
  • How long does it take?
  • How many bags can I take?
  • Can I bring any extra bags with me?
  • Can I bring my bicycle?


Watch the video and order your FlixBus ride with Google Assistant!

Find current travel information for FlixBus via Google Voice Assistant and make traveling even easier!

Moreover, Google Assistant can help you if you forget your belongings on the bus and you can always say “Help me” and Google Assistant will give you some tips how to book the ticket!