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Roskilde Festival (June 30th - July 7th) with FlixBus

Enjoy Roskilde festival in Denmark

Roskilde Festival started in 1971 inspired by the American Woodstock Festival as well as the Danish Thy Camp. Today it is the largest music festival in Northern Europe. Every summer the festival unites more than 100.000 people from all over the world. The signature orange stage bought in England was previously used by The Rolling Stones on their Europe tour in 1976, but has been a part of Roskilde Festival since 1978 and will surely be there this summer, 40 years later. 
Roskilde Festival is non-profit with all the profit benefitting children and young people and supporting humanitarian and cultural work. 

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Roskilde Festival in numbers:

  • Roskilde Festival covers an area corresponding to 350 soccer fields
  • Average age of the festival person is 24 years
  • 50 % are men, 50 % women
  • It takes approximately 2 weeks and 120 stage builders to set up the orange stage. It takes 4 days to take it down.This year the festival takes place from June 30th to July 7th and FlixBus will drop you off right at the East entrance! 

Sustainability at Roskilde Festival

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Over the years Roskilde Festival has grown to be more and more sustainable. In the last years Roskilde Festival has established new and alternative camping areas such as ‘Clean Out Loud’ and ‘Silent and Clean’. As the names suggest, the campers in these areas commit to keeping their camps and the areas around the camps clean when they leave the festival. Furthermore, the festival focuses on organic food, renewable energy and recycling
Besides that, in 2017 of all the food served at Roskilde Festival 90% was organic and the festival set a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 3% each year from 2016-2019 and ensure a new production of renewable energy corresponding to the consumed energy in these years. 

Roskilde City

Enjoy Roskilde festival in Denmark

If you need a break from the festival, you can take a stroll into the town of Roskilde. Roskilde is an old historical city especially known for Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum.  If you’d like to spend a touristic afternoon in Roskilde, you should go to the cathedral then walk 10 minutes down to the Viking Ship Museum and then go for an ice cream on the harbor afterwards. 
In the pedestrian street of Roskilde, you can find small, quirky stores, bigger chains and restaurants with different sorts of food. In town, you will also find the necessary food or equipment that you might need for the festival. If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you can go to the shopping center Ros Torv and hang around inside or go to the cinema. 
If the weather is great and you want to go for a swim, Roskilde Fjord is nice for bathing and cooling down on hot days, and on cold days you can go to the swimming bath Roskilde Badet

Aarhus - Roskilde festival: 239 DKK
Vejle - Roskilde festival: 227 DKK
Odense - Roskilde festival: 179 DKK
Aalborg - Roskilde festival: 279 DKK
Randers - Roskilde festival: 275 DKK