Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Welcome, Behind the Scenes!

What if we put different teammates from all over the world in one room and ask them about cultural habits, fun facts and differences? Here is a glimpse of their conversation, behind the scenes.


What should tourists avoid doing in your country?

For an outsider, cultural habits are sometimes perceived as weird, surprising, funny or even rude. We asked a French, an Italian, a Colombian, a Czech, a Russian and a Chinese person what they would advise tourists NOT to do in their country. This is their conversation.

How typical French, Italian, Russian etc. are you?

What is so typical about your country? What is real and what is a cliché? The FlixBus team is full of different nationalities, working under the same roof. FlixBus buses are full of different nationalities, sharing the same ride. With fun conversations as a result.

Why is working in a global start-up awesome?

Fly, Wang, Cyrielle, Jessy, Anzhelika, Susanna, Melek, Martin and Semeko are all from different places. They have different backgrounds, and now, all together, they created a new culture. The FlixBus culture. Listen to their story.