BusTerminal Frankfurt (Main)

The BusTerminal in Frankfurt am Main is a hub for long-distance bus lines throughout Europe

Beginning on April 9, 2019, FlixBus is now the operator of the newly constructed long-distance bus station in Frankfurt am Main at Stuttgarter Strasse 26 [50°06'16.0"N 8°39'44.7"E].
Numerous lines connect Frankfurt am Main with all of Germany's major cities and urban centers as well as with many regions throughout Europe. Primarily because of its geographic location, the BusTerminal in Frankfurt plays an important role as access to all directions on the European continent and beyond.

On this page, you will find the information you need regarding the BusTerminal and on the local conditions as well as particularities.

Availability – the BusTerminal as a mobility node in the heart of Frankfurt

Apart from buses, you can reach the BusTerminal in a number of different ways because of its central location directly on the Frankfurt main station:

  • Train: Just about a five minute walk from the Frankfurt main station.
  • Tram: Located directly on the tram stop: Pforzheimer Strasse [Tram 17]. Just about a three minute walk from the Baseler Platz [Tram 12, 16, 21] tram stop.
  • Car: Parking garage located directly on the BusTerminal [Entrance via Stuttgarter Strasse].
  • By foot: Just about a 20 minute walk from downtown Frankfurt [Innenstadt I] and from the Frankfurt historic center [Römer].

Our rules for the BusTerminal

Terminal rules and regulation for use

You can find the basic rules, procedures, and requirements to use the BusTerminal in the use and terminal regulations.

Download: Use and Terminal regulations (PDF - only in German)

Tariff regulations

Use of the BusTerminal requires a fee according to the tariff regulations, which you can find here.

Download: Tariff regulations (PDF - only in German)

For bus companies

Key features of the BusTerminal

The core business of FlixBus as the operator of the BusTerminal in Frankfurt consists of managing long-distance bus activity as well as securing and administering the grounds, including all areas and objects associated with the premises.

As a bus company or travel organizer, you benefit from our key services:

  • We provide direct support as your contact partner
  • We plan and provide the stop capacities for departure and/or arrival of long-distance bus lines
  • We support the coordination on the premises
  • We provide the spaces within the BusTerminal for use 24 hours per day

Site map

Registering timetables

We request that all bus companies coordinate and register with us their routes in accordance with the facility rules and regulation for use via the template provided no later than five business days before these routes are to begin, using the following email address: fernbusterminal.frankfurt@flixbus.com

Download: Template for route registration (Excel)

For passengers

At the BusTerminal

'You have access to the FlixBus ticket shop that was already on the premises as well as various other ticket shops from other bus companies in the direct vicinity of the terminal. In addition, seating and waiting areas, waste disposal facilities, and a clear bus station space are available to you.

Passenger rights

Our passengers have rights and obligations that are regulated for bus and coach travel. As the operator of the BusTerminal, we therefore refer to the overview of passenger rights in bus and coach transport.

Download: Passenger rights in bus and coach transport (PDF)

Lost & Found

Did you lose or forget baggage or other items on the premises of the BusTerminal? Our traffic management office is available on site from Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and is happy to help.
Important note: This does not apply to forgotten baggage and items lost on buses or in direct connection with a bus trip! The lost and found office of the respective company will be responsible in this case.