Hellö is now FlixBus

Say Hellö to Europe’s largest intercity bus network

On the 1st of August 2017, it’s time – Hellö becomes FlixBus and you can benefit from the largest bus network in Austria and Europe! From Vienna, 400 national and international FlixBus destinations are waiting to be discovered. Moreover, you can enjoy our green service. All our connections include: flexible booking options and cancellation up to 15 minutes before departure, delay announcements via the free FlixBus App, bicycle transport and CO2 offsetting via the climate protection contribution. With FlixBus, you can enjoy a comfortable trip through Europe and begin to discover new destinations. We would be glad to welcome you on board!

Hello Austria

For those of you who don’t know us yet, we are FlixBus, a young mobility provider operating in Europe.

Since 2013, our green buses have offered you a new way to travel in a comfortable, affordable and ecological way. Our aim is not just to bring you from A to B, but to provide you with a great travel experience. For this reason, we offer our customers great services such as free Wi-Fi on all buses. As an affordable mobility alternative, we are constantly working to grow our network across Europe. We already have 25 Austrian cities in our network and we offer frequent domestic routes in addition to international connections to neighbouring countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and many moreYou can easily check out our network and the connections from your city here!

1,200 destinations in 22 countries

With our buses, you can easily reach over 1,200 destinations in Europe – travelling has never been so easy! It doesn’t matter if you want to go to Hamburg, Berlin, Paris or Milan – we have the perfect destination for you. FlixBus offers you 200,000 connections every day and connects you with all of Europe. Try it out for yourself and book you next trip with us!

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Do you still have questions? We have the answers!

What happens to my Hellö connection after the 1st August 2017?

Your Hellö connections will be integrated into the FlixBus network by 1st August 2017. We will increase our capacity and improve our offer. You will benefit from the largest intercity bus network in Europe.

Will the HELLÖ buses be green?

Until the 31st of July, all Hellö buses will operate without any changes. After that, the integration into the green FlixBus network will begin. In the future, the Hellö buses will also operate with the FlixBus branding. We can provide you with more details about this in August.

How is the bus network developing in Austria?

On popular connections, we are already operating with additional buses. Additionally, we are extending our network in Austria, especially cross border connections to Italy, Switzerland and soon also to the Croatian coast. Currently we are also connecting smaller cities like Bludenz and Feldkirch to our international bus network. Furthermore, we are also increasing the frequency of connections on popular routes such as Vienna-Graz. You can look forward to even more possibilities to discover Europe from Austria.

Do you have any more questions about FlixBus or existing Hellö bookings? Then read more about our on-board service or contact us. For questions regarding Hellö rides and bookings until the 31.07.2017 please contact helloe@pv.oebb.at