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Special baggage price list

The following table displays the prices for this service depending on the currency you are using.

Currency Code Price
Euro EUR 9
US Dollar USD N/A
Swiss Franc CHF 11
Czech Crown CZK 85
Hungarian Forint HUF 1200
Norwegian Crown NOK 90
Swedish Crown SEK 90
Bulgarian Lev BGN 19
Romanian Leu RON 70
British Pound GBP 9
Polish Zloty PLN 25
Croatian Kuna HRK 55
Danish Crown DKK 65
Serbian Dinar RSD 1050
Bosnian/Herzegovinian Konvertible Mark BAM 17
Albanian Lek ALL 1200
Ukrainian Hrywnja UAH 160**
Macedonian Denar MKD 550
Russian Ruble RUB 300*
Turkish Lira TRY 72


*On Russian lines additional or special baggage can only be booked at the ticket office at the bus station of departure, prices of our bus partner companies apply.

**Baggage booking after the ticket has been booked is not available for Ukrainian lines.

Please find more information in our terms & conditions.