Halloween in haunted places

Travel by bus to the scariest places in Europe this Halloween

Paris Cemetery and Le Manoir de Paris

There is no better city to celebrate Halloween than in Paris. You can spend the night of 31st October in the mysterious Le Manoir de Paris, in the heart of France’s capital. This place will reveal the secrets of the French capital through its ambiguous and shadowy characters who walked the streets of the “Ville Lumiere”: Quasimodo, the Iron Mask, the Phantom of the Opera, the Ghost of the Tuileries and all the vampires of Paris, are just some of the characters you will meet during your visit. This show is the perfect way to learn more about the stories and the legends of Paris.

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Celica Art Hostel in Ljubljana

If you’re feeling brave we dare you to spend a night in a haunted hostel, maybe the Celica Art Hostel in Ljubljana will suit you well. It is a former prison turned modern hostel, thanks to the work of more than 80 international artists who have made all of the cells into works of art. However, you might not be able to completely escape the remnants of the prison as the iron bars remain, artfully placed on the doors and windows. Each room is different and preserves the spirit of the prisoners who have lived there. A perfect experience for a chilling Halloween.

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Jailhotel in Lucerne

In Switzerland, in the city of Lucerne, which you can easily reach with one of our busses to Lausanne or Geneva, you can spend a night at the hostel Jailhotel just between the beautiful lake and the old town. You can choose between different types of cells or suites. With no elevator and no phones or TVs in the rooms, the atmosphere has been preserved in an original and thrilling way, meaning you can hear the muffled sounds of footsteps along the long corridors during the night. This location is perfect for a scary Halloween night.

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Amsterdam ghost tour

Do you believe in ghosts? Well you definitely will be after taking part in the famous "Ghost Tour" in Amsterdam. According to the legend, the many canals of the city protect the people from spooky creatures, as the ghosts of the city, in fact, cannot cross over the water. During the evening of October 31st the city will be invaded by a sinister presence. Who knows if in the crowd amongst all the masks and costumes there is a real ghost? Are you ready for this? 

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City of Prague

Magic, castles and baroque all set the traditional atmosphere of Prague. The Czech capital becomes a perfect setting for Halloween, where young people dress up as vampires, skeletons and corpse brides. Suspended between magic and legend, home of writers, painters, artists and eccentrics, Prague is a city that lends itself to an atmosphere that fits like a glove with the stories of historical figures. If you are not afraid of ghosts, you can participate in a city ghost tour, and between myth, legend and reality, you can reconstruct the stories in the thrilling, historical places in the city.

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Ghost walking tour in Munich

For your Halloween in Munich, we suggest you try the Haunted Munich Walking Tour. The thrill-seekers can discover the city through its mysteries and ghosts. Take a night tour through the city where you will be led by a guide and a lantern through dark alleys and the haunted Town Square of historic Munich, you will learn more about legends and tales, about murders, executions, witch burnings, tortures and unsolved mysteries. This tour starts in the darkness of the night at Marienplatz, underneath the Glockenspiel right in front of the new gothic style town hall. What a perfect scary experience for your Halloween in Munich!

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