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Bus stops in Paris

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Paris (Bercy Seine)


Paris (Massy-Palaiseau -Bus Stop on "Rue Carnot")

Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine)

Paris (Pont de Sèvres)

Paris (Porte de la Villette)

Paris (Porte de Saint Ouen) - Hotel F1

Paris (Saint-Denis University)

Paris La Défense (Terminal Jules Verne)

Paris Pont de Levallois

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Things to do in Paris

About Paris

Paris is one of the gems of Europe, with all its culture, food, shopping and endless wonders. The city is always changing and morphing, so there is no way to see the same Paris twice. Here is a compiled list of things that could easily be fit into a short 48-hour trip to Paris, all while staying on that tight student budget.

Places of Interest in Paris

  1. The Louvre: Of all the iconic Instagram “must-haves” in Paris, usually the cutest ones are taken standing outside of the Louvre. The museum is so large and so daunting that one could easily spend a whole day lost in the museum. Normal ticket price is 15 euros. If you are under 18, an art teacher, or a European Economic Area resident (EU, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), then you can enter for free with valid identification. Word of advice: don't pay admission just to see the Mona Lisa. There are so many other wonderful things to spend your money on that may give you more lasting memories than fighting a crowd of people just to see the Mona Lisa.
  2. Arc de Triomphe: Sitting at the end of the Champs-Elysees lies the Arc de Triomphe. After you stroll down the famous shopping street, be sure to take a few pictures in front of the monument that was built to honor those who fought in the Napoleonic Wars. It’s also possible to go up into the Arc to get a better view of the city; once up there, look down and you can see the “l’etoile" or star of streets of Paris and truly feel like you are at the center of Paris. The price of admission is 9 euros for non-Europeans ages 18-25 and free to anyone under 18 or EEA residents 18-25.
  3. Eiffel Tower: Let’s get real, no list of things to do in Paris would be complete without the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately for the European student travelers, there is no free entrance for you. There are two categories of tickets: one goes to the second floor (youths ages 12-24 pay 8 euros while those 25 or older pay 16 euros), which is plenty high enough to get a good view and the ability to say, "I've been in the Eiffel Tower". The second category gives you access to the second floor as well as the summit or very top of the tower. A "jeune" ticket for youths ages 12-24 is 12.50 euros, whereas a ticket for everyone 25 and older is 25 euros. However, if these ticket prices make your wallet feel lighter, a picnic in the park below the Eiffel Tower is lovely as well. Grab a baguette, fresh brie and just soak in the sunshine. It’s always fun to see all the tourists contort their bodies trying to get that perfect picture.

Culture and History of Paris

Another wonderful neighborhood to wander around is Montmartre. There lies the famous Moulin Rouge as well as the beautiful grand white church, Sacre Coeur. The wonderful gilded painted ceilings are just indescribable. If you visit Notre Dame, it is very interesting to see the stark difference between the two. Sacre Coeur is free to enter and is also a functioning church, so again be respectful of any services that may be occurring during your visit. If you’re in the area and want a sweet snack (you deserve one after climbing all the stairs up to Sacre Coeur), visit Biscuiterie de Montmartre (16 Rue Norvins). You will not be disappointed in their range of selection of delicious cookies and candies. These also make nice gifts if placed in one of the tins they sell in the store.

No matter how you spend your time in Paris, you will have a wonderful time. There is an abundance of things to do, shops to wander into, and cafes to people watch in. Enjoy Paris!

Nightlife in Paris

One could easily spend a whole afternoon walking all the winding streets of the Latin Quarter. It is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Paris. The medieval streets paired with the modern French culture flows perfectly. You can pretend to be a student at the Sorbonne, one of the most well-known universities in the world, and enjoy a long coffee break at one of the many cafes. Visit the Pantheon where all the most famous French men and women are buried. There is also an extremely impressive and mesmerizing pendulum in the center of the Pantheon to prove that the world is indeed round. Admission to the Pantheon is 7 euros for non-Europeans 18-26 and free to those under 18 or EEA residents 18-25. Simply show valid identification at the entrance for free admission. No visit to the Latin Quarter is complete without a trip to the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore. The store is known for its quirkiness. If you’re tight on luggage space but still need to bring back some souvenirs, buy a few canvas bags from the store. They are relativity inexpensive (8 euros, if I remember correctly), can be packed tightly into a suitcase, and everyone can find a use for one.

Discover Paris through Macy's eyes

Hej! I am an American grad student studying and living in Sweden. Being a grad student, I have perfected the act of budget traveling. I have a fierce passion for cute dogs, film festivals, coffee and traveling. Join me as I work towards my personal goal of visiting all 28 EU countries before I graduate in June 2019! Feel free to pop over to my personal blog, Little Mouse. Big World, to read more about my travels while balancing grad school life.

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