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Bus to and from Munich

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Things to do in Munich

a brief introduction to a great city

About Munich

You may be wondering what exactly there is for you to do when your bus arrives in the Bavarian capital? Well you can be assured that the Bavarian metropolis will offer you countless choices of events and landmarks. Whether it’s an evening in the legendary Hofbräuhaus (the most famous beer hall in Munich), a walk through Marienplatz with its outstanding town hall or a visit to St Peters cathedral – take a stroll in down town Munich where there is so much waiting for you to explore. Our bus stop in the city center is at the central bus station only a short distance from the main train station – bringing you effortlessly to the heart of Bavaria. Munich is a popular European city at all times of the year: located so closely to the Alps for winter skiing, and surrounded by lakes and gardens to soak up the sun in the summer. After your bus trip you can enjoy a pretzel or a Weiβwurst in a traditional Bavarian beer garden, or perhaps have a browse in some of Munich's fantastic boutiques and shops. 

Jump on a bus and see the sights in Munich

Place of interest in Munich

Some of the most prestigious, internationally profound art collections can be visited at one of Munich’s many museums – perfect for bus travelers any time of the year. The Alte and Neue Pinakothek are definitely worth a visit. "Das Haus der Kunst" (literally meaning "the House of Art"), the State Museum of Egyptian Art and the Bavarian National Museum are also tourist magnets. Theater, opera and ballet fans who make a bus trip to Munich will find an Eldorado of opportunities. The Bavarian State of Opera, the Munich Kammerspiele and the Munich Volkstheater are just some of the highlights that theatre enthusiasts can enjoy. Those who enjoy a lighter hearted trip to the theater should visit the “Komödie” stage in the Bayerischer Hof – Munich’s most established hotel. Children and young people will not be bored in Munich; whether it’s the popular puppet theatre or the “Schauburg” there is fun and entertainment guaranteed for all ages. If you prefer to relax in the country side after your bus arrives in Munich, then the Bavarian capital will spoil you with choice. Starting with the English garden, on to the Nymphenburg castle, then not forgetting the Hellabrunn zoo, Munich offers plenty of green areas to enjoy, admire or discover. In addition, castles or palaces can often be found in one of Munich’s many parks, very attractive to visitors.

Discover Munich's vibrant culture and interesting history

Culture and History of Munich

Munich is famously known for its traditional Bavarian culture, and was named as the capital of Bavaria in 1506. After the Second World War the city, often described as one of the wealthiest cities in Germany, was completely rebuilt. Munich still has today, of course, a beautiful and archaic old town. A visit to the Lehel district of the city will give you an idea of what life would have been like in Munich centuries ago. Many churches from the renaissance period have been preserved here, and when taking a walk through this neighborhood you will clearly see the different architectural styles from individual eras; reflected in the construction of houses.

Discover the buzzing nightlife in Munich

Nightlife in Munich

When thinking of Munich your thoughts may automatically go to the annual Oktoberfest, which is commonly known in Germany as “Wiesn.” But Munich does not only offer an exciting night life during the period of September and October, where thousands of beer tent lovers from all over the world pile into the city – it has a diverse and unique night life throughout the whole year! The bar scene in Munich is so versatile, like the city itself. Admirers of the traditional Bavarian culture should visit the world famous “Hofbräuhaus” or perhaps the “Löwenbräukeller,“ both lying in the heart of the city. But there is also a string of alternative bars that you can discover in the famous 'Schwabing' distric of the city. At “Stammbar” you can pour your own beer, or perhaps you would prefer to sample one or two of 130 different types of gin at the “Couch Club.” In any case, taking a bus trip to Munich will guarantee you a good night out in one of its countless bars. If you would prefer a longer night out then Munich’s student scene is the place for you. Being the home of several universities and colleges makes Munich ideal for the night owls amongst our bus passengers. So whether you want to visit the famous “P1” and rub shoulders with world famous DJs, or visit “Milchbar” one of Munich’s most popular student bars, you will not board your bus the next day disappointed and will have experienced a night out in one of Europe's most popular cities. 

Enjoy FlixBus' facts about Munich

Interesting Facts about Munich

Whoever chooses their bus travel to take them to Munich, can expect a whole array of events for every type of person. The Munich Opera Festival is as well known as the Tanzwerkstatt Europa (literally the dance factory of Europe), or the city film festival. Tollwood festival and the Comic festival also give bus travelers a diverse program of entertainment. In any case, continuous major events mean that you will definitely have a worthwhile trip if you choose your bus travel to take you to Munich, e.g. the Christmas Market, Winter Tollwood, the Streetlife Feestival, the Maidult or the Ostermarsch. Every year from the end of the September comes the Munich Oktoberfest: The Oktoberfest is known worldwide and is the most famous, European folks festival – here you can celebrate and enjoy a beer or pretzel in one of the famous beer tents, with old friends and of course with new friends!

Discover the amazing surrounding areas of Munich

Surrounding Areas of Munich

Munich is only a short distance from the Bavarian and Austrian Alps – meaning that choosing your bus travel to Munich will give you the opportunity for a day trip to try out your skis in the winter or for a mountainous hike in the summer months. Neuschwanstein Castle which was opened to the public just several weeks after the death of the Bavarian King Lugdwig II lies just south westerly of Munich. The castle is incredibly popular with travelers and tourists alike, due to its unique hill location, overlooking the Alpsee, one of Bavaria’s most beautiful lakes, and being one of the filming the locations of the 1960’s musical “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” 

Your Bus Stops in Munich

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Quick information about Munich

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