Weekend breaks from Munich

Travel from Munich to Regensburg, Prague and Nuremberg

Check out this plan from Munich: You will visit Regensburg, Prague and Nuremberg in just one weekend, and you will be back just in time for supper! Sounds like a plan, right?

Pack your bags cause on Saturday morning you will be traveling to Regensburg. Just a couple hours from Munich, Regensburg is a beautiful city with amazing things to see! Beautifully painted houses, including its beautiful cathedral and the famous mural of David and Goliath.

Since Regensburg is quite a small German town, you can visit it in half a day and still have time for lunch. Because the next stop is Prague, and you can travel from Regensburg to Prague in just 3 hours.

You can take the FlixBus to Prague after lunch and be there around 5 pm. While traveling, don’t forget to charge your phone in the bus! We want you to take as many pics as possible and not forget a single thing!

Check out the rest of the plan for Prague!

When you arrive in Prague, first stop is the hostel: Hostels in Prague are really cheap, and most of them range from 10 to 15 euros a night. We recommend you the Prague Square Hostel, which has good reviews and prices are really low, not to say that it is located right in the old town, where all the good things go on!

You will be spending the night in Prague, which is awesome, because the city is one of the most international in Europe, visited by international young people, which makes it the perfect place to have a good night out! You can expect lots of cheap bars and clubs, many of them with free entrance. If you are in for a big time, join a bar crawl! It’s always good fun and this way you can go to all the places you would have never discovered on your own. Ask at the hostel for where the bar crawl gathers tonight, and join the crowd!

If you still have some energy on Sunday morning, you can visit the basics: The main square and the astronomical tower are the two main attractions that you can’t miss. If you feel like for a walk, in about 15 minutes you can be at Charles Bridge, and in another 15 you can get to the Prague Castle!! Sounds like a plan, right?

We know you enjoyed Prague, maybe a bit more than you expected, but it’s time to say goodbye to this awesome city and look forward to your next destination: Nuremberg.

At half past one on Sunday there is a bus from Prague to Nuremberg. Make sure to book it in advance, so you don’t find yourself stranded in Prague!

At around half past five you will be in Nuremberg, a beautiful medieval city. Since it is really small, most of its attractions are all gathered in the same place. You can always get a map of the city at the tourist office and start exploring. You will have time enough to visit Nuremberg on Sunday afternoon and make lots of memorable selfies! Just remember that shortly after 21:00 you must hop again in your FlixBus, which will take you back home.

Because after such a rich weekend adventure, nothing compares with the feeling that you get when you are back home…

Cities just one night away...

Do you feel like leaving Munich far behind for some time? This is our crazy plan for you:

An entire weekend visiting Hanover and Prague. Well, if you take the bus on Friday night you can make sure you will wake up in Hanover!! Actually, you will be there around 9 a.m., which means not only that you will be rested because of sleeping in one of our comfy buses, but you will have the whole day to visit Hanover!

After spending the whole day in Hanover you can take the night bus to Prague (oh yeah, don’t have to pay for accommodation) and you can spend the entire Sunday there. You can check what to do in Prague if you like, or just improvise! And, since Prague is about 5 hours away from Munich, you can just take the FlixBus back that same afternoon and still get home at a reasonable hour.


Day trips from Munich

Our tips for Innsbruck

You can travel from Munich to Innsbruck in less than 2 hours. Sometimes called Capital of the Alps, Innsbruck is a small Austrian town with lots of things to do. Not only that it is a beautiful city, but from here you can do winter sports or visit the famous Bergisel Ski Jump!

➥ If you plan on spending the night in Innsbruck, don’t expect an awesome party night. Nightlife in Innsbruck is almost inexistent. We recommend Limerick Bills Irish Pub if you want to have some drinks out, though.

Our tips for Salzburg

This beautiful Austrian city is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart. You can visit the house where he was born, the old town, which is an UNESCO world heritage site, or its castle, which is over 900 years old.

➥ No matter how busy you are during the week, better not visit Salzburg on Sunday, since almost everything is closed, including most bakeries in town. We do recommend Afro Café, with beautiful decorations inside and tasty coffee with lots of different flavours.