The best Carnivals in Germany

Carnival has different names depending on which German city you are in. In Munich it is called Fasching, while in Cologne and Düsseldorf it is called Karneval. In the cities along the Rhine in the west of Germany there is always a Carnival prince and princess, who participate and often lead the official parade throughout the city. The most important days of Carnival are Weiberfastnacht, or ‘women’s carnival night,’ which marks the beginning of five days of celebrations, and the Rosenmontag, the Rose Monday, when the main parade takes place.


Cologne is renowned for its Carnival celebrations, with thousands of locals, visitors, travelers and tourists visiting the city during the Carnival period each year. The parade on Rose Monday is unforgettable; over 10,000 people throw candy from their carriages along a 7km route through the city. Over 1.5 million people visit Cologne during the celebrations – so plan your bus trip before it’s too late!

Every year at the Carnival of Cologne there is a virgin, a prince and a farmer (Jungfrau, Prinz and Bauer), who will pay a large sum of money for this and are seen as representatives of the festivities. The prince is the highest representative of the festivities, and the virgin is traditionally a man dressed as a gril. Cologne comes alive during Carnival so it is the best time to visit and party in the city. During your bus trip to Cologne, you will be surprised at the number of processions through the streets, the impressive bands, hundreds of horses and millions of people cheering!  

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One of the biggest Carnival celebrations in Germany takes place in Düsseldorf. This Carnival is one of the most colorful carnivals in Germany, with a parade of more than 60 carriages, 80 groups on foot and 41 orchestras

The Carnival reaches its peak on the Rose Monday, when the great parade takes place. The Rose Monday parade in Düsseldorf is a 5km long procession, with over 60 intricately decorated carriages and lasting from four to five hours! But the celebrations don't stop with Rose Monday: in the days after it, you'll find a series of non-organized parades all over the city. Hop on your bus and travel to Düsseldorf, where over a million people will make their way through the city head to toe in fancy dresses. Book your bus ticket and travel to Düsseldorf this Carnival season and you will not be disappointed!

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“Helau, helau, helau!” That is the traditional greeting in Mainz during the Carnival days.

Mainz’s Carnival parade is amazing. Often broadcasted on German television, it extends to no less than 6.5 kilometres! This procession will take place on Rose Monday. Vibrant color, echoes of laughter and non-stop music define the Carnival festivities, which come to an exciting climax during the last week of Mainz’s Carnival celebrations. Book your bus travel with FlixBus today and plan your trip to Mainz during the Carnival season!

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When all other cities celebrate Carnival, in the capital of Bavaria “Fasching” is celebrated. Fasching is an old-fashioned german word relating to the fasting period or lent, which starts immediately after Fasching. Get your bus ticket and come to Munich to celebrate traditional Bavarian carnival!

We recommend you to arrive by bus in Munich during the last days of Fasching, preferably on the last weekend before the final Faschingsdienstag, because this is the time when the wildest and the most entertaining parades and parties take place. Also, during these days in Munich Fasching doughnuts are sold everywhere! Do not miss a chance to try them! Before Faschingsdienstag you will see lots of masquerade parades, singing and dancing concerts in the city centre of Munich. On the last day of Fasching the traditional dance of the market women will take place on the Viktualienmarkt! Are you still at home? Dress up and easily come to Munich by bus right away!

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