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Things to do in Horsens

About Horsens

The city of Horsens is a hidden gem in the East Jutland region of Denmark. The city’s biggest claim to fame is the “New Theatre” which has hosted big names such as The Rolling Stone’s and Madonna. In the last decade, there has been a huge increase in the number of cultural events taking place in the city and it has added a certain charming nature to an already infatuating town. There is an annual Medieval Festival held at the end of August, where the main streets transform into the largest medieval market town in Europe and there is an array of activities and entertainment for all. It is just an example of the great effort that the people of Horsens have gone to in order to create such a cultural hub for its people. Indeed, despite have nearly 60,000 residents, you will notice there is a very homely feel in the city driven by a close community. Horsens is home to many beautiful natural sights, some archaic architecture and very friendly locals, but don’t take our word for it! Book your FlixBus to Horsens now!

Things to do in Horsens

Taking a FlixBus to Horsens for a weekend break is a great way to catch up with your friends or family. Go fishing In Fyelmose nature park, or take the kids to Eastjutland amusement park! There are over 60 rides for kids of all ages and sizes and even a waterpark to splash around in afterwards! If you are interested in a more laid back holiday, have a picnic in the many local parks around the city, go shopping or see what is on inside the KUBEN! The KUBEN is a large glass cube, which is used as a centre for many cultural events throughout the year. You could be looking at a new Danish sculpture, a well-known band or a play by a local cast. This unique idea is heart-warming and adds a real sense of character to the city. One must-see on your trip to Horsens is the Veteranbanen Bryrup-Vrads – a veteran train that runs a short 5-kilometre round trip showcasing the most beautiful natural views in and around the city. You don’t want to miss it!

History and Culture

Horsens has been around for over 800 years and you’ll find buildings and stories of Horsen’s past (and present) all over the city. Taking a trip to the old state prison is a fascinating way to learn about history. FÆNGSLET offers incredible sights to how life behind bars was for over 150 years while the prison was operating. Take the tour, visit the museum and enjoy this different taste to history that Horsens has to offer. There is a vibrant music and theatre scene in Horsens and the KulisseLageret is a great part of that. This small personal venue provides fans with all types of acts and some of the best new European musicians!  For the art-lovers amongst you, we must recommend Horsens Art Museum. With exhibitions and paintings from the best artists Denmark and Europe have to offer, you will not be disappointed by the display of exquisite work.


The nightlife in Horsens is not especially wild, but some of the establishments in the city are too good to miss out on. A great thing about the restaurants, pubs and clubs in Horsens are there are no tourist traps. Everywhere is a local spot with great food and drinks and even better people. Our top recommendations are: Brædstrup Kro - a thoroughly enjoyable restaurant with staff that make you feel at home, Gasfabrikken Bar & Restaurant - an award winning organic restaurant with a cosy feel, and Den Gyldne Hest – a bar with over 100 beers to choose from and a favourite amongst locals. No matter where you end up for a bite to eat and a quiet drink, you’ll have an amazing night looking out on the Fjord and thanking yourself for travelling to Horsens with FlixBus.

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