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Bus stations and stops in Milan

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Milan (Lampugnano bus station)

Cormano - Cusano Milanino (motorway A4 eastbound)

Cormano - Cusano Milanino (motorway A4 westbound)

Milan (San Donato M3)

Milano (Sesto San Giovanni M1)

Milan (Stazione centrale - Linate shuttle)

Milan (Stazione Centrale - MXP Shuttle)

Milan (Stazione Centrale - Orio Shuttle)

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Things to do in Milan

About Milan

Milan is the capital city of the north Italian region Lombardy and one of the most important industrial regions of the country. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the formation of its mixture between modernity and history, which attracts, amongst our bus passengers, designers and artists from all over the world. Due to its past of being a rich business and finance epicenter the city is still home to some major banks, the Italian Stock Exchange and the largest media companies. After your bus has arrived in Milan you can easily reach the city center with the subway and begin your exploration of the fashion capital of the world.

Places of Interest in Milan

When your bus arrives in Milan you should definitely visit the Milan Cathedral, which is known as the landmark of the city and its rooftop will provide you with an outstanding panoramic view of Milan’s picturesque skyline. Located directly next to the cathedral is the “Piazza del Duomo,” the main city square which encompasses many of Milan’s most attractive buildings, such as the Arengario Palace now used as an art gallery. North of the square you will find one of Europe's most magnificent shopping malls, “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,” where you can experience some of the highest end fashion in the world showcased through some of the most spectacular designers. However, it is not only the fashion that is impressive in Milan, in 1778 the “La Scala” was opened. This is one of the most important opera houses in the world and is located just a short distance from the Brera district which houses some of the finest galleries and art collections in Italy. In this area of the city you can enjoy a cappuccino from one of the many cafes and bistros, or simply browse through some of the boutiques and art galleries. A main highlight for our bus travelers is a visit to the “Santa Maria delle Grayie,” this church is not only a preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site, but is also where Leondaro da Vinci’s famous painting “The Last Supper” can be found.

Culture and History of Milan

In ancient times the Italian capital was known as ‘Mediolanum’ where it became the capital of the Western Roman Empire and an important center for Christendom at the time of the fourth century bishop of Milan, Saint Ambrose. From the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries the Duchy of Milan was ruled by the two famous families: Visconti and Sforza. When your bus arrives in Milan you will not be disappointed as there is an array of sights and buildings that cover countless time periods from Gothic to Renaissance. This deep and rich sense of culture reverberates throughout the city and is prominently captured every year by the Ambrosian Carnival.

Nightlife in Milan

Milan is not only a paradise for history, art and cultural lovers, but also for those who would like to explore an array of bars and restaurants in the city and make the most of the evenings then Milan is the place to travel to. As the famous expression “Milano da bere” explains in a nutshell that Milan is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or two, you will be spoilt for choice especially in the neighbourhoods Ticinese and Navigili, located South of the city’s old town. Along the canal banks of Milan you will be spoilt for choice with many cafes and restaurants. So how about enjoying a glass of wine in an Italian bistro and trying the Milan delicacy “Risotto Milanese” before you hop back on your bus to take you back home!

Interesting Facts about Milan

Many famous Italian artists and musicians were born in Milan, or chose to move to Milan due to its culture and diversity. Among the many greats are the playwright Alessandra Manzoni, the composer Guiseppe Verdi and of course Leonardo da Vinci. When you travel by bus to Milan, you are still able to see traces and remains of da Vinci’s work. A particular recommendation would be to visit the art museuem “Musello della Scienza e della Tecnologia” where you can see some of his visionary machinery models. The patron Saint of the city, Saint Ambrose, had a large influence on not only the religious side of Milan but also an effect in the political side of the city. Each year on the 7th December there is a public holiday in the city which is known as “Saint Ambrose’s day.” If you are choose your bus travel to take you to Milan at this time, you could go to “La Scala,” the world famous opera house, who’s annual season traditionally starts on Saint Ambrose’s day.

Surrounding Areas of Milan

If you would like to travel by bus to Milan to explore the surrounding areas of the city, then taking a trip to Bergamo could be the right decision for you! Situated only 40km’s from Milan, Bergamo is a listed old town which attracts many visitors due to its archaic and preserved buildings and its world renowned gastronomy. Racing enthusiasts should definitely consider a trip to Monza, where the Formula 1 track “Autodromo Nazionale Monza” track can be found. If you would like to relax and take in some of Italy’s most beautiful sites before traveling back home again, then you should visit the small village Taino. From here you will have a unique and striking view of Lake Maggiore, Italy’s second largest lake.

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