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Ghent (Dampoort)

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Ghent: Quick information
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Things to do in Ghent

About Ghent

Located at the meeting point of the rivers Lys and Scheldt, Ghent is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. With around 250,000 inhabitants, this city boasts an amazing history and a rich past, with some of Europe’s most beautiful architecture. Walking through the streets of Ghent is like traveling to the past: cathedrals, churches, castles and old houses offer its visitors some amazing views! When your bus arrives to Ghent, visit the Castle of the Counts. It is a great place to visit for the whole family and is located in the heart of the city! This medieval castle, which was first built in the Middle Ages has been restored to its original condition renovated in 1885 and. During your trip to Ghent you can also visit Klein Begijnhof, a small, beautiful, and historical quarter. Beautiful architecture, unique small shops and the vibrating culture are only a few of the things that will make you fall for this jewel of Belgium. Travel with FlixBus to Ghent and discover it yourself!

Places of Interest in Ghent

The old city of Ghent is one of the main reasons to travel to this amazing city. Here you can find the main tourists attractions, like the Cathedral of St. Bavo, the Belfry, the Town Hall and the Old Market Area. The Cathedral of St. Bavo lasted until the 16th century, richly decorated with gothic style and unique paintings in its interior. The Belfry is the symbol of Ghent’s independence as it was built in the 14th century. The Town Hall, called ‘Stadhuis,’ is a magnificent building and is one of the most outstanding of the city. This unique building is really worth visiting after your bus has dropped you off in Ghent. During medieval times, the Old Market was the heart of Ghent. Nowadays you can visit the restored building and even have a look inside. If you prefer visiting museums then you should visit the Museum of Ghent ‘STAM,’ where you can find out even more about the city. As one of the richest cities in Belgium, the historical collection that this museum hold is unique to say the least. It includes paintings, jewellery, ceramics and much more. You can also visit the Museum of Fine Art, which contains paintings from the 15th to the 20th centuries. Book your bus trip to Ghent today - an incredible city waiting to be discovered!

Culture and History of Ghent

There is proof that the first settlements in the Ghent territory date back to prehistoric times. Regardless, the city really started to form in the Middle Ages, when the Abbey of Saint Peter was built and the region began trading. Ghent became a very important city in terms of trade during the 11th and 12th centuries, mostly because of the cloth production. During this time the construction of the Castle of the Counts began. During the reign of Philip II, the city suffered from the religious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. However, peace eventually set upon the city during the 18th century when Ghent became a part of the French Empire. The city then experienced a progressive growth and tripled its number of inhabitants. Today, with a rich and vibrant culture Ghent is the capital of the province of East-Flanders. During your trip to Ghent, you should visit one of its many concerts, festivals or fairs. The Light Festival takes place every three years where international light artists light up the city. There is so much to discover when your bus arrives to the city of Ghent!

Nightlife in Ghent

When traveling by bus to Ghent you will see a completely new side of this wonderful city in the evening. After the sun sets, Ghent is even more spectacular when it’s beautiful buildings glow in dazzling light, creating a magical atmosphere. There is a lot to do and see in Ghent, from cafes and cinemas to concerts, theatres and clubs. If you would like to spend the night dancing and enjoying some good music, you should visit “Culture Club,” one of the city’s most popular nightclubs. There are also a lot of bars and clubs in and around the city centre. In the Make Up or in Club Central you can dance and party all night long. If you are more set to a quiet night in town, try one of the nice wine bars or trendy pubs in the city. If you are traveling to Ghent for the nightlife, you will not be disappointed!

Interesting Facts about Ghent

Ghent is often compared to Bruges for its beauty and imposing architecture. The city famous throughout Europe for its diverse culture with such a broad selection of museums and art galleries - which will make your bus trip unforgettable. The old town of Ghent also has many public central squares, which forms the largest car-free area in Belgium. Ghent is the perfect city for an afternoon stroll! When you travel by bus to Ghent, you can also enjoy the city’s architecture, a true privilege for any traveler. Visit “Design museum Gent” and experience an array of furnishings dating from the Renaissance. The “City Museum for Contemporary Art,” more commonly abbreviated to “S.M.A.K,” is home to a permanent collection of fascinating art from both national and international artists. Book your bus trip today and do not miss your chance of discovering Ghent!

Surrounding Areas of Ghent

Located in East Flanders, Ghent is the perfect place to discover the beautiful landscape of Belgium. There are many beautiful cities close to Ghent, so it is definitely worth visiting them too. The medieval city of Bruges is only 50 km away from Ghent and is a popular attraction for travelers, a famous city distinguished by its canals. You can also travel by bus to Brussels! Less than 60km away from Ghent, the capital of Belgium is one of the must-see cities if you are considering traveling to the surrounding areas of Ghent. If you want to stay a little closer, just take a trip across the river Lys and enjoy the beautiful and scenic landscape before hopping on your bus back home!

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